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November 28 02:39 PM

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IT Careers: Find an IT Career Path Right for You

IT Careers: Find an IT Career Path Right for You

August 31, 2022 in Career Change to IT, Centriq News, College Alternatives, IT Career Program / by Centriq Training

Technology is an exciting field that is always offering great opportunities for career growth. These roles are ideal for anyone looking to upgrade from their current position or completely transition from their previous careers. Centriq is all about getting you on the path towards your new role in IT. With over 30 years of training experience under our belts, we know how to teach technology and are there for you from your first inquiry to the moment you start your job search.  

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Is Technology a Good Career Path? 

When searching for a new career, there may be a number of factors that cross your mind. Some people are looking to leave their current roles while others are looking for roles with different salary potentials or flexible working conditions. Technology may even be an industry that you’ve been interested in for years and you’re needing a good reason to switch.  

Tech careers are one of the fastest growing professions to date. Why is that? Technology can be found everywhere you look, and it is a field that is known for rapid advancements. There is no industry in the world that doesn’t use some sort of technology which is why these roles are in high demand and lead to a good return on investment. Pursuing a career in technology and IT specifically means you are able to choose from a variety of career opportunities and will experience relatively easy career growth as you move up in the industry. 

Entry-level roles don’t necessarily require a 4-year degree. In fact, you could progress quickly through a training program like the one at Centriq and find yourself in a role IT role within months. The return is that tech professionals are respected for their unique knowledge and are compensated well with additional benefits like remote work available for those at certain companies. All it takes is the passion to learn and the desire to start a new career.  

Careers in Technology 

Curious about the kinds of IT careers that you can pursue? Check out all of the options you have when looking for career paths with computer-related jobs. 

Help Desk Technician 

This is a vital role within the IT workforce and focuses on keeping technologies within a company up to date. Help desk technicians fall within the in-house or remote category with each aiding the end user whether that is customers or internal employees.  

Learn how to become a help desk technician here. 

Technical Support Specialist 

Technical support specialists are experts on all things technical, software and hardware related. This role not only installs new software and hardware, it also helps troubleshoot any problems that may pop up.  

Learn how to become a technical support specialist here. 

IT Support Specialist 

Analyzing and evaluating technology related problems is a top priority for an IT support specialist. Whether supporting internal clients, external customers, or even other employees, this role is tasked with making data accessible and answering all sorts of questions that pertain to solving a tech issue.  

Learn how to become an IT support specialist here. 

Desktop Support Technician 

This is usually the first point of contact whenever something goes wrong with the hardware or software of a company. A desktop support technician fields any issues that come their way, prioritizes support, and then provides solutions whether remotely or in-person. 

Learn how to become a desktop support technician here. 

Computer Technician 

Computer technicians are responsible for getting technology up and running as well as being on hand for any issues that may emerge. This involves setting up new systems, making sure they are updated, and repairing them as necessary.  

Learn how to become a computer technician here. 

NOC Technician 

An NOC technician’s credentials allow them to oversee the complex network components housed within a company’s infrastructure and makes them experts on overseeing network management. This role maintains networks, servers, and any security software and protocols.  

Learn how to become an NOC technician here. 

Service Desk Analyst 

Service desk analysts provide extensive support by responding to IT requests for network, hardware, and software problems. They focus on technical maintenance of systems and spend their time helping others while also ensuring the existing software is in good working order.  

Learn how to become a service desk analyst here. 

Ready for the Next Steps? 

Centriq can get you to your new career in just 4 months! We are one of the largest, hands-on training programs around and have crafted high-tech learning classrooms overseen by high level, experienced IT professionals who only teach technology. Get ready to amass some real-world IT and coding skills with the most up-to-date curriculum designed specifically for those who are new to the IT world.  

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