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September 28 10:33 PM

Centriq's IT Career Training Program

Centriq is the largest, hands-on IT career training program in the Midwest. After just 4 months you are ready to start your new career as a Cybersecurity Specialist or Coder.

Centriq is an IT Networking and Code school.

Centriq is a completely different training program, featuring the most up-to-date curriculum and lessons for the ever-changing world of technology. We don’t have any “old school” lectures— just high-tech classrooms, with experienced IT trainers, delivering hands-on IT and coding training, for real-world IT and coding job skills. And we only teach technology. That’s how we can get you trained and into a new career in just four months!

Why Centriq works:

As as a Gold Microsoft Partner, we’ve trained high level, experienced IT professionals for Midwest companies for over 30 years. We know how to teach technology.

We use our expertise to create a training methodology specifically for people with little or no IT experience. You learn by doing— with personalized, hands-on technology projects and real world simulations utilizing the most up-to-date technologies.

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No history or biology, just technology. Our curriculum focuses exclusively on the IT job skills you need to get a job. We know the most current technologies and programming languages these companies use because we train their IT staff.

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When you complete the program, our Placement Division connects you to jobs with companies in our Employer Network. These companies trust us to train their experienced IT pros so they trust our grads. Plus, more than 1500 companies have hired our grads.

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Technology is an exciting and growing field that offers great opportunities for career growth. Whether you’re looking for your first rewarding career, need to upgrade your current career or are transitioning from a military career, Centriq’s got you covered (and in just 4 months).

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