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December 10 02:13 AM

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How To Become A Service Desk Analyst

How To Become A Service Desk Analyst

July 6, 2022 in Career Change to IT, Centriq News, College Alternatives, IT Career Program / by Centriq Training

Service desk analysts are in communication with pretty much all departments within an organization and even customers and clients. Curious about how this role helps a company perform to its highest potential? We share everything you’ll need know about becoming and being a service desk analyst.

Service Desk Analyst Job Description 

Whether it’s a customer in need or a coworker that runs into a technology problem, the service desk analyst is there to step in. They’re usually providing technical support of some type whether it’s monitoring issues and inquiries or responding to end users.  

Service Desk Analyst Training 

Educational requirements for a service desk analyst can vary but a common aspect is that experience will get you far in this role and lead to several advancement options. Many who go into this field have a bachelor’s degree in some kind of computer or IT related subject. However, it is possible to become one with a high school diploma or GED and some additional training.  

Centriq offers a convenient and flexible 4-month program that focuses solely on technology. We deliver hands-on training for coding and IT taught by experienced, real-world instructors that put you directly into a high-tech learning environment. This program was created using a training methodology specifically for those with little or no IT experience.  

Learn about our tech training program here. 

Service Desk Analyst Salary 

The average salary for a desktop support technician is around $65k annually with the potential to be higher depending on the location, the company, and the scope of the actual role. 

 Experience plays a big factor into salary so taking the time to build more knowledge and develop your resume can lead to larger salary increases. While having good soft skills is valuable, it is always a good idea to stay updated with any types of additional education, training, or certifications. With that being said, seek out new learning opportunities and keep an eye on new software or hardware advancements that may become valuable to your work. 

Service Desk Interview Questions 

During the interview process, you’ll be asked a series of questions that will be used to decide whether or not you’re a good candidate for the service desk analyst role at a company. You may be asked about your learning and problem-solving process as well as several hardware and software related questions to get a good idea of what you know. You may also be assessed over your knowledge and qualifications so expect to encounter scenario-based questions as well as in-depth, technical questions.  

Service Desk Resume  

When creating a resume for the role of a service desk analyst, you will include all relevant project and work experiences as well as any education that’s been completed and certifications received that make you qualified for a role. It’s okay if your experiences don’t match exactly what the role is looking for, the goal is to create a story that shows you have the transferable skills that would make you a good fit.  

General skills that the resume should reflect include soft skills like conflict resolution, analytical and diagnostic skills, and communication skills. When it comes to technical skills, listing off any kinds of systems or programs that you’ve worked with will be useful. You’ll want to have experiences that show proficiency in hard skills like hardware installation, device setup, system management, and software troubleshooting. Examples include MAC OS, Microsoft OS, etc. 

Service Desk Analyst Jobs 

You can expect most companies to have a service desk analyst role. These are integral roles that help keep a company running which is why you can expect to have many options to choose from when you begin your job search. Ready to start the journey to your next career? Check out the IT school we offer at Centriq and you’ll be ready for your new role as a service desk analyst in a matter of months!  

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