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September 29 01:03 AM

career services

At Centriq, we know it's about the job — not just a piece of paper that hangs on your wall.

Helping you find the job is just as important to us as the skills you learn in the classroom.

Our IT career services team has developed a comprehensive program that trains you how to succeed in your job search and how to present yourself to employers. We have a large network of employers that we stay in regular contact with and introduce you to employers with IT job openings.

Career Services

Although we can't guarantee you a job, we work hard to help you find one! We also teach you how to find a job so you can continue to grow your career after you leave. It's a critical component of your experience at Centriq and starts on the first day during your orientation.

That's how committed we are to helping you find the right job.

Employer Network

A key element of our Career Services is Centriq's Employer Network. Our Employer Network is comprised of more than 1,500 companies. They know that Centriq is the best place to train IT professionals and the best place to hire qualified IT professionals.

Career Fairs

To give employers a better look at our students, we hold our own job fairs right here in our facility four times a year. Between 25-30 employers - all with one or more entry-level job IT job openings - come onsite to recruit and hire our students. This means you can meet up to 30 employers in one afternoon in one place. Only our current students and recent graduates are allowed to attend.

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