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November 29 02:24 AM

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How To Become A NOC Technician

How To Become A NOC Technician

July 13, 2022 in Career Change to IT, Centriq News, College Alternatives, IT Career Program / by Centriq Training

Ever heard of a network operations center technician? These roles are critical to operations at a company. Curious about how a NOC technician keeps a company secure? Learn more about becoming and being a NOC technician. 

What is a NOC Technician? 

A Network Operations Center or NOC technician is an expert in computer security. NOC technicians keep a company’s operations up and running by monitoring the network, implementing and repairing firewalls, creating remote access protocols, and ensuring the system runs smoothly.

They also watch for and fix outages the system experiences. The tech side of a company is in good hands whenever a NOC technician is involved.

NOC Technician Training 

NOC technicians start out by learning the basic skills involved with installing, configuring, and managing a computer’s network system. This knowledge can be obtained in many different ways from getting a college degree to enrolling in a technical program. Key skills to pick up on include understanding basic network design, experience with routers and switches, and troubleshooting applications.  

Learn about our tech training program here. 

NOC Technician Salary 

The average NOC technician salary ranges between $45,000 to $65,000 per year. These salary estimates are based on several factors such as the experience a person has, where they are located, and what company they work for. Like all roles, it’s always a good idea to continue to build experiences and familiarize yourself with new advancements and technology in order to stay competitive in your field.  

NOC Technician Interview Questions 

The interviews you encounter during your job search are meant to assess technical skills as well as your ability to solve problems, adapt to situations, and explain complex issues to non-technical people. You may be asked about your personal problem-solving process or be put through a series of basic tests to gauge your technical skills. 

Examples of common questions include: 

  • Explain what TCP/IP is. 
  • What is a VLAN? 
  • Describe a time when you were a team player. 
  • What is a proxy? 
  • What is DNS? 
  • What is a Network Switch? 
  • What would you do if you were faced with an issue you couldn’t resolve? 

We also recommend doing specific company-based research to learn more about who the company is and who their customers are.  

NOC Technician Resume 

These start as entry-level roles which means that a combination of technical skills and communication skills can get you far. It’s important to be a good at multitasking and working with colleagues to address problems that may arise. 

When it comes to hard skills that are beneficial to include on a resume, you’ll want to list out any hardware or software you’ve worked with in the past. Examples of this for a NOC technician can include network technologies like LAN, ethernet, TCP/IP, VoIP, DNS, diagnostic tools like CiscoWorks, remote desktop operators, or Wireshark, as well as any operating systems you’re familiar with. It’s okay if your experiences don’t match exactly what the role is looking for, the goal is to create a story that shows you have the transferable skills that would make you a good fit.  

Network Operations Center Jobs 

The IT world is filled with all kinds of roles. When it comes to NOC technicians, there are plenty of options out there. All companies need some sort of expert that handles the operating system and who is solely focused on keeping an eye out for any snags. Ready to start the journey to your next career? Check out the IT career training we offer at Centriq and you’ll be ready for your new IT career in just four short months!