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IT Career Training in Kansas City

Centriq's IT Career Program in Kansas City

Centriq’s IT Career Program is a real-world, hands-on training program that prepares students for a career in technology… in just four months! Because of the immersive training style and cutting-edge curriculum, students are ready to hit the ground running in a new IT career quickly and confidently.

Unlike coding boot camps who only offer coding programs, Centriq’s IT Career Program offers two career paths to choose from: coding or networking. That way, students are prepared for a career that best suits their personality and skill set.

Coding School in Kansas City

Our Full Stack Coding Program teaches students the technical skills they need for a career in development (or coding). The curriculum is based primarily on Microsoft’s enterprise .NET C# (Visual Studio) platform, which is the programming language utilized by most Kansas City employers (because we only teach the skills employers are looking for). In this program, you will learn to code and discover the ins and outs of development, from what makes the website look good all the way to sorting data on the back-end.

Networking and Cybersecurity School in Kansas City

Centriq’s Cloud & Security Specialist Program teaches the skills needed for a successful career in networking. You'll gain experience in supporting various aspects of modern computer networks. This includes computer hardware and software, networking concepts and devices, as well as Microsoft's Active Directory domain and Azure cloud computing platforms. You then transition into the exciting world of cybersecurity where you train for your CompTIA Security+ certification and gain an understanding of foundational principles for securing networks and network devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely… because technology is all we teach. There are no general education classes, and we know the job skills that employers want.

In 2021, 98% of the students who started Centriq’s IT Career Program completed the track… and we are PROUD of that number!

No! Most employers are more interested in whether or not you can do the job than whether you have a degree (and we have proof to back that up).

IT Training and Job Placement in KC

The biggest reason to come to Centriq? A better job!

What sets Centriq apart from many code schools or trade schools is the resources available to both students and graduates. Soft skills (like communication skills, self-confidence and time management) are just as important as technical skills. Centriq has an entire team that is dedicated to helping you navigate the job market— their job is literally to help you get a job! Whether it’s mock interviews, resume workshops, career fairs or one-on-one mentoring, our Student and Career Services Team does what it takes to help you start a rewarding career in IT.

Meet Our Graduates

"I tried to go to college ... it definitely did not work for me. I chose Centriq because it was only four months, and I got everything I wanted out of it.”


Photo of Amanda Allen, Full Stack Coding Graduate
“I was tired of doing something that didn’t feel that valuable to me ... Centriq changed my life. The flexibility I have with my life now is unmatched.”

Amanda A.

"I’m an Army veteran who was ready for a civilian career in IT. Centriq expedited the process and helped me get a career I love."

Tim r.

Who Hires Our Grads?

Over 1,500 companies in the Midwest hire Centriq Training Graduates.

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