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November 29 07:44 PM

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Centriq has built relationships with IT employers for over 30 years in Kansas City and St. Louis. That's why these companies trust, and hire, our graduates.

One of the primary responsibilities of our Placement Division is the continuous development of the Centriq Employer Network. The Employer Network is comprised of thousands of IT hiring managers at local companies. Our Placement Division continually identifies and recruits new members into the Employer Network, educates the members about Centriq’s IT Career Training Program, identifies job openings inside the Employer Network and promotes our graduates to these companies.

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Centriq makes it so easy to identify, interview and evaluate entry-level job candidates. When I have an opening, Centriq gets qualified candidates in front of me immediately. It's a much better placement system than I've experienced at any college, junior college or other type of school."

wayne ball

Director of Technology at Excelsior Springs School District

Hiring Companies

Over 1,500 Midwest companies have hired Centriq grads. That means there are Centriq Alumni throughout Kansas City and St. Louis! This list of hiring companies range in size from small to enterprise level, with anywhere from one to thousands of IT professionals on staff. Our Employer Network includes organizations from the following industries: banking, healthcare, higher education, software development, insurance, school districts, law, advertising/marketing, manufacturing, professional sports teams, real estate, accounting, engineering and many more.

While the size and industries of these companies vary, they all have one thing in common… they’ve all hired Centriq grads!

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