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December 9 07:15 PM

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How to Become a Help Desk Technician

How to Become a Help Desk Technician

August 17, 2022 in Career Change to IT, Centriq News, College Alternatives, IT Career Program / by Centriq Training

Help desk technicians are an integral part of an IT team. Curious about the role they play in a technology setting? We share everything you’ll need know about becoming and being a help desk technician. 

 Help Desk Technician Job Description 

Help desk technicians are vital in keeping the wheel moving by providing support either remotely or in-person. Common tasks this role works on include sorting and following up with support tickets, diagnosing problems, and guiding customers and clients in the right direction. This involves extensive client-facing interactions throughout the day whether through face-to-face support or over-the-phone guidance. While high-level customer support is the goal, help desk personnel must also be extremely well versed in software and hardware knowledge in order to properly with issues that arise.  

Help Desk Technician Training  

Many IT professionals who are looking to begin their career start out in a help desk technician role. This is because it has lower experience and education requirements, making the barrier to enter this field more manageable.  

Help desk technicians are exposed to new IT principles and technology on the job, which then allows them to explore various niches and diversify their interests into other types of IT careers and roles.  

Training can be completed in as little as a few months and it involves gaining a thorough understanding of computer hardware and software. Additionally, these roles also benefit from courses and experiences that work on building strong communication skills.  

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Help Desk Technician Salary 

On average, a help desk technician can make anywhere between the range of 40k-60k annually. This all varies depending on the location, the company, and the scope of the actual role. While help desk technicians work on supporting customers across the board, there may be some companies that require different levels of skills or knowledge depending on the systems they work with.  

Like all roles, additional experience and skills can increase earnings. For example, getting CompTIA certifications, gaining cyber security skills and credentials, or being well versed in mobile device management can all work towards boosting salary. 

Help Desk Technician Interview Questions  

Interviews will cover a wide range of questions from those relating to background and experience as well as technology related questions. Each company will have their own criteria for vetting candidates as well as their own set of questions. However, you can usually expect them to about any previous training, experiences with customers, and experiences with technology. There may be tech-specific questions or tests that will gauge your knowledge on hardware, software, and coding basics.  

Help Desk Technician Resume 

A help desk technician’s resume will include all relevant project and work experiences as well as any education you’ve completed and certifications you’ve received that make them qualified for a role.  

While experiences may vary depending on a person’s background, general skills that the resume should reflect include soft skills like customer service skills, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication. It is also useful to demonstrate some type of experience working with software and hardware and this can be done by listing out various systems and programs you’re familiar with as well as certifications you’ve obtained.   

Help Desk Career Path 

The great aspect to starting as a help desk technician are the opportunities to expand into other IT roles. This is a good position to gain experience, network, and develop a professional resume while working. A new graduate could easily jump into this role and use it to work their way into specific IT careers like network administration or security specialization.  

Becoming a help desk technician or going into any type of information technology role is ideal for anyone that enjoys problem-solving and has an aptitude for learning. Whether you’re just starting off in the IT world and looking to get your foot in the door with a stepping-stone role or wanting to pursue being a help desk technician full-time, we can help you get there. Come check out the IT career training we offer at Centriq and you’ll be ready for your new IT career in a matter of months! 

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