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December 7 01:26 AM

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Centriq is a 4-month IT Career program that prepares students for a career in technology

"I tried to go to college ... it definitely did not work for me. I chose Centriq because it was only four months, and I got everything I wanted out of it.”

Keenan B.

Photo of Amanda Allen, Full Stack Coding Graduate
“I was tired of doing something that didn’t feel that valuable to me ... Centriq changed my life. The flexibility I have with my life now is unmatched.”

Amanda A.

"I’m an Army veteran who was ready for a civilian career in IT. Centriq expedited the process and helped me get a career I love."

Tim r.

What do our students love about Centriq?

They'll tell you themselves.

"I dropped out of college with no real direction of what I wanted to do in life. After 4 months at Centriq, I landed a great job making more money than I ever have before. I am 20 years old and have become 100% self-sufficient, paid off my debt, own a new BMW coupe, and am loving my life, ALL THANKS TO CENTRIQ."

Jake Selvera

"The skills I learned at Centriq made interviewers drool. I was quickly hired as an IT Service Desk Technician. My future looks bright… I’m getting treated— and PAID— like the valuable asset I am."

Joe nagle

"I was hired three days after graduating from Centriq's IT Career Program. I have great benefits, consistent hours, good pay and a laid-back work environment. I will always recommend Centriq to anyone wanting a career change!"

Taylor McKnight

Our placement rates are off the charts

Take a look at some of the companies who've hired our grads:

4 months.
That's all it takes.

And we're with you every step of the way.
Smiling African American army veteran, wearing fatigues and sitting in a wheelchair
Caucasian plus-sized woman sits outdoors on a bench with a laptop on her lap. She has bright red, dyed hair, and wears glasses and headphones.


companies have
hired our grads


of our students graduated in 2021

4 months

is all you need, not 4 years


is the student-to-teacher ratio

You don't need a degree for a career in IT.

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