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August 11, 2022 in Career Change to IT, Centriq News, College Alternatives, IT Career Program / by Centriq Training

Teachers have a lot on their plate from managing students to preparing lesson plans. It can be a rewarding field but doesn’t come without its fair share of stress. Those looking for a career change from teaching can consider the IT industry. Teachers are skilled at simplifying complex notions, helping others, and staying organized among other things. These qualities become especially useful when starting a tech career.

What Other Jobs Can Teachers Do? 

A teacher’s work is never done, something that those in the IT world can relate to. There are constantly new updates to technology waiting to be learned and plenty of people who could use the help with navigating them. Teachers make good candidates for IT roles because they are often great at picking up information while also breaking it down to help people understand. 

Educators have a strong background in being adaptable, innovative, and confident because it goes into running a classroom and teaching students. Those who transition to IT jobs after teaching thrive because of this background. IT specialists need to be confident in their skills while also being innovative and adaptable when providing solutions. 

A career in information technology can be in your future. 

IT Support Specialist 

IT Support Specialists play a core role in organizations by providing information technology support. This can look like answering questions and resolving technical issues, troubleshooting problems and maintaining software, and improving IT systems. Learn more about IT Support Specialists. 

Computer Technician 

Computer Technicians help set companies up for success. A regular day may look like installing computers, printers, or software and working on managing the organization’s network and equipment. Learn more about Computer Technicians. 

Technical Support Technician 

Technical Support Specialists get their hands metaphorically dirty by getting down to the nitty-gritty of computer support and troubleshooting. They provide end-users with assistance in technical, software, and hardware problems. Learn more about Technical Support Specialist. 

Help Desk Technician 

Help Desk Technicians help keep the system running smoothly by managing communications between the end user and the rest of the IT team. Sorting support tickets, diagnosing problems, and guiding customers to where they need to go is a glimpse into their day-to-day. Learn more about Help Desk Technicians. 

Desktop Support Technician 

Desktop Support Technicians develop strong understandings of the system and its hardware and software. They are all about supporting and maintaining the organization’s technology to ensure optimal workspace performance. Learn more about Desktop Support Technicians 

Service Desk Analyst 

Service Desk Analysts are IT professionals who help monitor inquiries, problems, and IT issues as well as responding to and supporting end users who request help. Learn more about Service Desk Analysts. 

NOC Technician 

NOC Technicians also known as Network Operations Center Technicians keep operations up and going by keeping an eye on user incident and outage reporting and then providing resolutions as needed. This could look like direct support to the customer or implementing or repairing firewalls, routing, or remote access protocols. Learn more about NOC Technicians. 

Transitioning From Teaching to Another Career 

Training is critical for any professional job. It helps you build the skills needed to become efficient in your new role and gives you hands-on opportunities to learn about the field before starting. Teachers have undergone extensive training to get where they need to be. That is why they are amazing at multitasking, being creative, and effectively communicating. We don’t want you to throw your previous training out the window. In fact, we encourage you to use it as you build your next career. The IT world loves the traits and skills that teachers come with, and our program knows exactly how to supplement that to create an expert IT professional. Our training program prepares every Centriq student for a lifelong IT career. 

Online IT Training Program 

A few months is all it takes to step into a new industry. Our curriculum is focused on networking, systems, and security to provide optimal IT network support. This is a strategic path towards your first day at your dream job.

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