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November 29 02:23 AM

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What is Live Virtual Training?

What is Live Virtual Training?

August 5, 2022 in Centriq News, IT Career Program / by Ted Parker


When you think of education or training, most people envision an environment – like high schools or traditional college – where the teacher or instructor is live and in-person in the classroom with the students. But many alternatives to this model have developed over the years and are increasing in this post-COVID world. 

Originally implemented with the health and safety of our students and employee team being of utmost importance – and in compliance with government directives – Centriq Training has transitioned its entire operations to a hybrid workforce. All classes, all operations and all sales functions at Centriq operate on a hybrid schedule, with reporting locations split between in-person and remote operations. (Read about Centriq’s Response to COVID-19). Our classroom atmosphere is currently split between in-person learning along with our Live Virtual Training. In-person classes vary depending on the learning path and what classes better perform with in-person learning where our remote classes are taught through our Live Virtual Training. Both of these learning options prepare our students for learning the skills they need to advance in their IT career. 


There are many different terms for training that is not conducted live, in-person with the instructor in the classroom with the student. These include online training, online classes, distance learning, remote classes, virtual training, live training, video training and other similar terms. Each of these terms has different meanings that are often confused. What Centriq Training is temporarily delivering today – for both our Corporate Training and IT Career Training classes – is called Live Virtual Training (or Live Remote Training). 


  • Live training is training delivered by a live instructor, in real-time. 
  • Virtual (or remote) is training the student receives or accesses over the internet rather than being physically in the classroom with the instructor. 
  • Live Virtual Training is training the student receives or accesses over the internet delivered by a live instructor, in real-time. 
  • Instructors deliver training via technology platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Zoom or Adobe Connect. 
  • Instructors can view hands-on “labs” or exercises students perform in class. 
  • Students can listen to the instructor on a real-time basis. 
  • Students can interact with the instructor on a real-time basis. 
  • Students can interact with classmates on a real-time basis. 
  • Students can ask questions when they don’t understand a concept. 
  • Students can view the whiteboard the instructor uses to illustrate concepts. 
  • Live Virtual Training is the closest thing there is to experiencing actual live, classroom training from your home. 


  • Live Virtual Training is not self-paced classes or self-paced learning. 
  • Live Virtual Training is notdownloading read-only written curriculum. 
  • Live Virtual Training is notuploading written papers and tests. 
  • Live Virtual Training is notonly watching recorded videos. 
  • Live Virtual Training is notinterrupting your studies for days waiting to have your questions answered via email. 
  • Live Virtual Training is notfeeling alone while you are attempting to learn.  

Impacted by COVID-19? We have $45,000 in total scholarships available. 


Our IT Career Training division offers a four-month, hands-on programs that trains individuals with little or no IT experience for entry-level jobs as coders or network administrators.  Traditionally, these programs have been offered only as live “instructor-in-the classroom” training at our facility.  As a result of COVID-19, we are transitioning these programs to Live Virtual Training. Our experience with Live Virtual Training in our Corporate Training division has enabled us to seamlessly transition our IT Career training to this modality. Live Virtual Training enables students currently enrolled in these programs to continue their training pursuant to their original timeline and also enables individuals looking to start a new career in technology to do so while subject to the current “stay at home” directives. We will resume offering live “instructor-in-the classroom” training at our facility as soon as possible. 


Our Corporate Training division trains existing IT professionals that are currently employed at companies throughout the Midwest. Our Corporate classes are generally five days compared to our four-month IT Career Training programs. While our Corporate students generally prefer the live, classroom training at our facility for Centriq’s core (or Centriq Choice) classes, we have also offered these classes on a Live Virtual Training basis. In addition, many of our niche or specialty classes are only available as Live Virtual Training classes. Corporate students are familiar with, and accustomed to, Live Virtual Training classes. So, the transition to Live Virtual Training in our Corporate Training division was not a significant transition. As with our IT Career Training classes, we will resume offering live “instructor-in-the classroom” training at our facility as soon as possible. 

Can Hands-On Learning Be Done in a Virtual Setting? 

Absolutely. We just call it hands-on training. Virtual hands-on training is becoming more and more common— especially as we see the positive results they yield. COVID-19 has only accelerated the attention we give to virtual learning. It has become a go-to learning method in the past few years because of how accessible it is. Hands-on virtual training allows students to practice what they are learning in real-time, even though it’s on a computer. 

Even though you’re learning from your computer, you’re learning alongside your peers and instructor. You can engage with the lessons and participate in group projects and labs just as you would in-person. We train you on the job skills and technical skills you need to complete the requests that you will most likely be responsible for in your first IT job (and then practice performing those skills until they’re perfect). By doing this, you’re practicing your critical thinking skills in a comfortable environment that allows you to test new responses and receive valuable feedback. 

Although you aren’t in a classroom, Centriq’s IT Training Program reenacts real-world examples similar to the tasks you will receive in your first entry-level IT job. Hands-on training allows you to not only understand what you are learning in a deeper, more impactful way, but also gives you valuable, real-world experience.  

Do you have any questions about the changes in our curriculum, or are interested in signing up for a class? Contact us using our online form