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December 7 06:46 AM

Has your job been impacted by COVID-19? Let Centriq help you start new.

We know many people today are being forced to consider different career options as a result of the coronavirus.

For those interested in a new career in technology, Centriq would like to make it easier. That's why we are offering scholarships* toward our four-month IT Career training program for those impacted by COVID-19.

To apply, just complete the short form below and tell us how COVID-19 affected your livelihood.

*Centriq Training is making up to $45,000 in total scholarships available for this program. Individual scholarship amounts may range from $1,000 to $4,000.

Want to talk to someone about a new career in IT?

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Now may be the perfect time for you to consider changing careers.

Centriq Training has temporarily transitioned our technology training to a live, virtual format. You still get our great live instructor training—only now you can do it from your home. When the social distancing restrictions are lifted, we will return to our face-to-face, instructor-in-the-classroom format.

More importantly, when you've completed our four-month program, you will be prepared for a new career in technology.