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November 29 12:43 PM

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What the heck is a Django Girl?

What the heck is a Django Girl?

April 1, 2016 in Centriq News, IT Career Program / by Ted Parker

I know, right? That’s the question I got from the first four people I told about Centriq sponsoring the initial Django Girls Workshop in Kansas City. Well, here’s your answer. Django is one of many web frameworks that help developers build websites. Django Girls is an incredible group that provides the framework needed to help women organize free, one-day website programming workshops across the country. The primary goal of the workshops is bringing more women into the world of technology.

Django Girls Kansas City Workshop

Kansas City Women in Technology has taken on the task of hosting the first Django Girls Workshop in KC and Centriq Training is a proud sponsor. The free workshop will take place over the weekend of June 24-26 at the Sprint Accelerator in the Kansas City Crossroads area. During the workshop the attendees (most of whom who have little or no experience) will actually build their own website. There will be a large group of volunteers and mentors (although more of each are always welcome) to help attendees. It will also be a great opportunity for attendees to get to know first-hand about a career in technology from women already in the field.

Women in Technology

Although females are underrepresented in IT across the entire industry, it turns out that Kansas City is one of the best places in the country for women in technology. According to a recent study, over one-third of IT professionals here are women, the second highest percentage of any major city, versus an average of 25% nationwide. In addition, Kansas City women on average earn 101% of what their male counterparts in IT earn. That just goes to show what we at Centriq already know: Technology offers great career opportunities for women!

If you are already in the IT industry, I encourage you to get involved with one of the several local organizations in Kansas City that support women in IT such as Kansas City Women in Technology. To get a feel for it, maybe volunteer for the Django Girls workshop in June.

Learn to Code

If you know a female considering a career in IT, Centriq Training also offers several opportunities. For younger girls, Centriq is offering two different coed summer computer camps, one for Middle School students and one for High School students. They will both be facilitated by Centriq instructor Megan Starek.

If you know any young adults considering a career in coding or IT, they should check out Centriq’s TechSmart KC program. TechSmart KC is an accelerated, hands-on training program that takes individuals with little or no IT experience and gives them the coding or IT job skills to get started in a career in technology in just four months.