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December 7 07:09 AM

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‘Tis the Season to Job Search

‘Tis the Season to Job Search

December 23, 2019 in IT Career Program / by Alex Carnahan

Nobody is hiring over the holidays, so what’s the point in job searching…right? 

This is a common misconception and it can be very tempting to put your job search on hold over the holidays, but what most people don’t know is that it can actually be one of the best times to job search! Employers hire all year round, including the holiday season. In fact, for some businesses, the slower holiday season can mean even more time for hiring. 

Still not quite convinced to pause the holiday movies, put down the milk and cookies, and submit some applications? View the five reasons below to help get in the job searching spirit!  


5 Reasons to Job Search During the Holidays: 


  1. Reduction in Competition

    The holidays can be a busy time for people and for some, it is easier to focus on the holiday season than the job hunt. Use this as an advantage and be one of the few who continue to job search during the holidays! This can give you a chance to apply and interview before the competition pool grows again. 


  2. Sense of Urgency from Employers

    Employers will want to get their hiring process wrapped up to start the new year off on the right foot. They may even have extra money in their annual budget to use before the end of the year, which means more money for hiring and a sense of urgency with their hiring process. This could expedite your interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process around the holidays.


  3. New Year Brings a New Budget

    The new year often means a new budget for employers. If a company has had hiring put on pause by budget restraints, this means they’ll be ready to hire quickly once their new budget starts. They will want to have candidates screened and ready to go for job offers at the start of the new year. 


  4. A Seasonal Job Could Become Permanent

    Companies may need extra help around the holidays which means opportunities for seasonal and temporary jobs. Don’t discount these opportunities! If you work hard, show dedication, and prove your value, temporary jobs can turn into permanent work.  


  5. More Networking Opportunities

    The holiday season is the best time of year for networking. There are countless holiday functions hosted by local organizations and meetup groups. Even your own holiday gatherings can be a great place to network. Your family and friends may have connections in your career field; don’t be afraid to voice that you are job searching and see who may be able to connect you with opportunities. People are often in the giving spirit around the holidays and would love to pay it forward by helping you land a great job.