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December 10 02:46 AM

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The Importance of Continuing Education from TechSmart KC Alumni

January 24, 2017 in Alumni Newsletter, IT Career Program Alumni / by Centriq Training

The field of IT is constantly growing and evolving, as well as the professionals within the field. Centriq Training’s Alumni Network understands the importance of Continuing Education. We provide a free Continuing Education event every quarter to support our graduates in their growth and development throughout their career.

There are many other opportunities for Continuing Education, as highlighted by our grads that recently attended a 5-day training class. They shared their individual process for obtaining Continuing Education, including any requirements within their organization, why it’s important to them and other opportunities they’ve found helpful to keep up their skills.

Mandy Choens is a graduate of Centriq Training's TechSmart KC program. Mandy Choens said, “Our company excels at looking for training opportunities for us as technology is ever changing. I was asked by my director if I would like to take this class as she knows it is something I will need to perform my job. We seek out training on technologies we intend to implement. While there aren’t any requirements for Continuing Education, they strongly encourage us to seek out training if we need it, and they allot 2 hours per week to take Pluralsight courses. I am able to complete my job with some knowledge and references available to me in a timely fashion. Continuing Education is important because the only consistent thing in development is it changes on a regular basis. Talk to your employers. Centriq, JCCC, New Horizons, PluralSight, KCDC Conference, User groups – there is a great deal of local training available.”

Skylar Carnes is a graduate of Centriq Training's TechSmart KC program.Skylar Carnes said “My company signed me up for training. We also have time set aside each week to continue to expand our knowledge on the current technologies that we’re working with, as well as new technologies that we believe will help the company in the future. While there aren’t any requirements for us to complete Continuing Education, it gives us the ability to bring back information that may help the company in the future. In IT, Continuing Education is absolutely important! Technology is always changing and continuing education is a great way to stay on top of it all. Why not come back to Centriq?”

Jeht Harris is a graduate of Centriq Training's TechSmart KC program.Jeht Harris said “I didn’t request it but I was given the option to pick a class that interested me. Tuition reimbursement is based on a performance scale within our organization. Lunch and learns, internal training, and access to sites like Pluralsite. Continuing Education in IT is very important because stuff is changing rapidly. In addition to classes at Centriq, Pluralsite, Code Academy, side projects are all good ways to keep yourself relevant.”

Have tips you’d like to share with your fellow Alums, email Nicole at ntrendel@centriq.com.