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December 7 07:28 AM

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Technology is Rapidly Changing, Can Curriculum Keep Up?

Technology is Rapidly Changing, Can Curriculum Keep Up?

August 5, 2019 in IT Career Program / by Alex Carnahan

Technology is rapidly progressing and with it the technical skills and knowledge required to successfully step into an I.T. career become ever-changing.  With this progression, do education institutions have the ability to successfully stay on pace with technological advancement?

Your average university student is enrolled for four years; however, in that four-year timespan, trends in relevant I.T. skills will most likely have changed several times over.  Due to this, students’ I.T. knowledge and university curriculum may become obsolete before the student even begins their job search.  The good news, there are now great alternatives to a four-year institution that provide students with up-to-date I.T. curriculum and allow employers to find entry-level candidates with relevant skillsets.

In fact, at Centriq Training, we pride ourselves on doing just that.

Centriq strives to provide the most relevant and useful education and hands-on learning to our students, and continually researches trends in the technology field.  Furthermore, we have the ability to implement curriculum updates and improvements at a more rapid pace than your average education institution.  All of this means that our graduates leave Centriq with a knowledge-base that will make them successful in today’s I.T. industry and provide employers with the skills they’re looking for.

This year, Centriq has implemented curriculum changes to both our Systems and Security Administrator (SSA) program and Full-Stack Web Developer (FSWD) program.  Our FSWD curriculum welcomed the addition of ReactJS in which students are taught the fundamentals of ReactJS, the benefits and drawbacks, and working with data.  During this course, students also use ReactJS to produce a project resulting in the creation of simple and scalable user interfaces.  Our SSA curriculum now includes two weeks of Help Desk Fundamentals courses that teach students the basic components of computer hardware, peripheral components and operating systems, along with best practices for installation, configuration, deployment and sustainability for a small office/home office (SOHO) networked environment.

Whether you are interested in a career in I.T. or are needing to hire new I.T. talent, Centriq’s curriculum can provide you with skills that reflect today’s I.T. industry (not the industry of the past).