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December 7 02:15 AM

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Coding AI – Where the Future and Coding Intersect

Coding AI – Where the Future and Coding Intersect

November 8, 2017 in Corporate IT Training, Web Development / by Centriq Training

When you imagine the process of creating a computer program, you probably imagine a room full of caffeine-fueled developers hastily coding on expensive computers in an open-spaced office with exposed brick walls and designer lighting. That scene is set to change in the future, however, as the world of coding advances further towards a future where the elementary parts of coding are left to the computers themselves.Read More

The Importance of Continuing Education from TechSmart KC Alumni

January 24, 2017 in Alumni Newsletter, IT Career Program Alumni / by Centriq Training

The field of IT is constantly growing and evolving, as well as the professionals within the field. Centriq Training’s Alumni Network understands the importance of Continuing Education. We provide a free Continuing Education event every quarter to support our graduates in their growth and development throughout their career.

There are many other opportunities for Continuing Education, as highlighted by our grads that recently attended a 5-day training class. They shared their individual process for obtaining Continuing Education, including any requirements within their organization, why it’s important to them and other opportunities they’ve found helpful to keep up their skills.Read More