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How Do I Find and Redeem Microsoft SATV’s?

How Do I Find and Redeem Microsoft SATV’s?

October 14, 2016 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft / by Centriq Training

As a Gold Microsoft Learning Partner, Centriq Training works closely with Microsoft to help customers redeem their Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV’s) for Microsoft training classes. Click here for details about what SATV’s are or continue reading for an overview of the SATV process’ keep in mind, the easiest way for you to find out if you have SATV’s and redeem them is to talk to a Centriq Training Advisor. You can contact them directly online, via email or at 913.322.7062.

Does my company have Microsoft SATV’s?

If your company has a Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement, it’s more than likely there are SATV’s available for training. To find out:

  • Locate your Microsoft Licensing Agreement.
    • Your IT Director or Purchasing department usually has the Licensing Agreement.
  • Identify the Benefits Administrator (BA) named in the Licensing Agreement.
    • The BA is the individual in your company that has the right to access SATV information.
    • If the BA does not have the access information, contact your Microsoft rep or licensing reseller (LAR).
  • The BA can go to Microsoft.com/Licensing/ServiceCenter to access your company’s SATV information, such as:
    • # of SATV’s
    • Expiration Date
    • # of Used SATV’s
    • # of SATV’s remaining

How does my company redeem the SATV’s for training?

  • Identify the employee (student) that will utilize the SATV’s and the number of training days included in the desired class.
    • You do not need to know the specific class – just the number of days.
  • Activate the SATV’s by assigning the appropriate number of SATV’s (one for each day of training) to the student.
    • Simply submit the student’s name and email address with the number of vouchers required on the SATV website.
    • The student will receive an automated email from Microsoft containing an 8 digit code.

How do I use SATV’s to purchase training?

  • You (the student) contact your preferred authorized Microsoft Learning Partner (training provider) and register for the appropriate class.
    • The class must be an SATV authorized Microsoft class.
    • If you’re unsure whether a class is SATV authorized, you can find out if it is here.
  • When asked for payment method, you forward the email with the 8 digit code to the training provider.
    • The training provider will then redeem the SATV with Microsoft.

Centriq has created a proprietary planning tool that includes all SATV eligible training classes. You can download a copy of that tool HERE. Once you’ve completed it, you can email it to a Training Advisor for assistance utilizing your company’s SATV’s for the training classes you need.

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding Microsoft SATV’s, contact a Centriq Training Advisor online, via email or at 913.322.7062.