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Office 365: Hey IT, Get That Done, Will You?

Office 365: Hey IT, Get That Done, Will You?

March 15, 2019 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft 365/Office 365 / by Ted Parker

You’ve made the decision to move to Microsoft Office 365.

The decision could have been driven by security concerns, cost factors, productivity initiatives or any number of different reasons. It may have involved everyone from the executive team, to finance, to sales and marketing, to operations, to IT. Every company comes at it differently.

But once the decision is made to move to O365, all companies do the exact same thing. They say: “Hey IT, get that done, will you?”

Fortunately (or unfortunately), IT is accustomed to hearing these words. But with Office 365 it is different.

Migration to Office 365 is not just an implementation or upgrade. It is the first step towards a Digital Transformation that eventually requires the involvement of almost everyone in the company. But much of this transformation falls outside the scope of typical IT responsibilities.  Centriq can help manage this aspect which enables IT to focus on its core competencies.

Need Office 365 migration help?

Here’s how Centriq can help O365 migration and adoption:

      1. Office 365 Installation and Management – Technical Training:

        This is the core function of IT and Centriq provides the technical training that your IT team needs to install and manage O365 – just as we have for all technologies for the last 30 years. Centriq provides customizable technical training on SharePoint, O365, and M365 (including Windows 10) utilizing Microsoft Official Curriculum. (What’s the difference between O365 and M365?) Your team can attend our public classes (either in person or virtually) or we can deliver dedicated, private training customized for your needs. Here’s our complete Centriq O365 technical training calendar

      2. Office 365 Upgrade – Initial End User Training:

        Just like upgrades from Office 2010 to Office 2013 to Office 2016, your end user staff will expect training on the changes from your current Microsoft Office version to O365. (The good news is this will be the last version upgrade as all future upgrades will be implemented directly into O365.) Centriq offers a one-day upgrade class for the core apps that your team is already using (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). This class is offered on Centriq’s public calendar but can also be delivered in a dedicated environment at Centriq’s facility or at yours. Here is the class description for O365-101 Office 365 Core Productivity Tips and Tricks.

      3. Office 365 Strategy Workshops – Management Training:

        The real value in O365, of course, is not simply moving Outlook to the Cloud. The real value is in the productivity and efficiencies that the incredible array of new O365 applications offers your company. (See O365: Outlook is bright (but other Apps are brighter)) The communication, access to data, and overall enablement that O365 brings to every person in your company is truly the first step in creating a digital transformation mindset or culture. But the entire list of Office 365 apps is somewhat overwhelming. And, few, if any, companies attempt to implement them all at once. Companies must first strategically determine which apps fit the company’s business model (generally on a department by department basis for larger companies).  And, these determinations require the input of executives and business unit managers who first need to understand all the possibilities of O365.

        Centriq has created a customizable two-hour O365 Workshop (or demo session) tailored for executives and/or business unit managers. It provides an overview of Office 365 features, functionality and benefits to guide your business unit managers in deciding which apps best fit their departments. The Workshop also gives examples of how other companies utilize the various apps and suggests priorities for the implementation of O365 apps. It will increase buy-in from managers and take that burden or responsibility from IT. O365 Workshops are delivered on a dedicated or private basis for your team at Centriq or at your location. Managers can get a taste of these Workshops at regularly scheduled O365 Lunch and Learns at Centriq.  Ask your Centriq Account Executive for more information.

      4. O365 New Apps – Initial End User Training:

        Once management has determined the priority and plan for implementing O365, all end users will need training to maximize productivity. Are your end users taking full advantage of new O365 productivity apps like Teams, Delve, Sway, OneNote and Groups? While some end users may not require (or want) upgrade training on the traditional apps addressed above, they will need training on the powerful new applications available with O365.

        Centriq offers a complete calendar of Microsoft O365 application classes. These classes are offered on Centriq’s public calendar and Centriq also can deliver customizable dedicated sessions for your team.  The duration and content of custom sessions are determined through collaboration between Centriq and your team.  The business unit managers can arrange for public or private training directly with Centriq.

      5. O365 New Apps – End User Follow Up Support

        As your end users begin working with O365, they will inevitably need help either with new functionalities or with aspects they did not retain from initial training. Because this “help desk” task can be a burden on IT resources, Centriq now offers your team access to a self-paced, web-based video subscription that provides “just in time” follow up support for O365 apps.  This online video learning library feature dozens of courses on Office 365, M365, Windows 10, and Office 2016 applications.   Most courses can be completed in under 2 hours and include quizzes, exams and Quick Reference Guides.   The Office 365 application courses are updated frequently to include the latest application functionality and interfaces.

        See all of our Microsoft 365 training classes here.

    Next Steps 

    The migration to, and adoption of, Office 365 is a process – not a one-time event. Whether it is initial O365 training, future training for new hires, updating existing users on new functionalities, continuing education of management on the strategic capabilities of O365 or the ongoing implementation of the new applications, Centriq can partner with you to support not only your IT team, but also your management and your end user team.

    For more information on how Centriq can help, just fill out the form below or call Justin Ruby, Corporate Sales Manager at (913) 322-7062.

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