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December 4 06:43 PM

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Microsoft 365 and Your Remote Workforce

Microsoft 365 and Your Remote Workforce

July 9, 2020 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft 365/Office 365 / by Elizabeth Granada

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. Read more about this change here.


The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies everywhere to move their operations to a substantially virtual environment. Many employees suddenly had to remotely navigate their job role in a completely digital environment. This meant a total immersion into Microsoft Teams – whether you and your team were prepared or not. Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to step back and exam how to use Teams more efficiently and productively and further take advantage of the other tools that Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365) has to offer.

Start with Microsoft Teams

If your entire company wasn’t using Microsoft Teams before COVID-19, the transition to utilize Teams was done in emergency fashion. There just wasn’t time to properly train everyone.  Now that everyone is using it, it makes sense to ensure end users become more efficient and productive and your technical team understands how to best support it. Centriq can help both groups. To better understand Teams and the Teams Admin Center, check out our two-day Teams Bootcamp, and then graduate on to MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams. For your end-users who are still learning how to adopt Teams to their routines, enroll them in our Teams Bootcamp or set up custom, dedicated end-user Teams training to help them incorporate Teams into their daily work.

Sign up for our Teams Bootcamp here.

Check out our Private, Dedicated End User Training here.


Understand the backbone of Office 365 with SharePoint Online

Getting the hang of Microsoft Teams is a good start in adopting Office 365, but to fully support it your staff must know SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online enables your team to remotely access important files and documents VPN. Are you not sure what best practices and policies you should implement in your SharePoint Online network? Sign up for our four-day bootcamp and learn the different types of Sites, how to set up a network that works best for your organization, and more.

Sign up for our SharePoint Online Bootcamp here.


Master collaboration and productivity with Office 365 Apps

Office 365 is built to be used by any person in every organization. Now everyone is using Teams, get them on board with the rest of the Office 365 suite. Even your non-technical employees can take advantage of Office 365 simplifying their routine tasks and activities to help boost productivity and collaboration. Because Office 365 is cloud-based, everyone on your team can continue work as normal no matter where they are working from that day. Staff from all departments can benefit from our four-day Office 365 User Bootcamp to learn how to incorporate applications into their day-to-day activities.

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What if you aren’t on Office 365?

If you are paying for Office 365 subscription and aren’t utilizing any of the apps beyond Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel, our Office 365 Adoption Guide can simplify your path to adoption. It starts with our Envisioning Workshop that helps you and your leadership team understand and envision the possibilities of Office 365 for your company.

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Embrace change with Office 365

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation For every company. Office 365 is the next step to embracing this change. If your team is ready to take on Office 365 in this new Digital-First world, contact us or fill out the form below and see how we can help your entire team adopt and embrace Office 365.