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December 1 01:13 AM

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New at Centriq: M365 MicroClasses

New at Centriq: M365 MicroClasses

October 22, 2020 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft 365/Office 365 / by Elizabeth Granada

As companies shifted to a more remote workforce in 2020, tools such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 apps have become essential components of our workday. Most organizations have not had the time to formally train their teams on these tools, so employees instead figured out the “hacks” they needed to continue their normal work routines. In response, Centriq created a series of one and two day Microsoft 365 Apps classes which provided comprehensive training on all different components of M365.  Now Centriq has created a new series of shorter training classes focusing on specific tasks or projects within various M365 apps. These new, two-hour learning events are called M365 MicroClasses.


What is a MicroClass?

Simply put, a MicroClass is a live, virtual two-hour training session. These short, timely, and relevant sessions focus on key Microsoft 365 concepts and the skills needed to complete a specific task and/or project for a workplace scenario. MicroClasses include live, instructor-led learning, live demos, a Q&A portion, and Quick Reference Guide takeaways. Each MicroClass is only $99. Centriq is initially offering six M365 MicroClasses but will continue to add more based on customer feedback.


Centriq’s M365 MicroClasses

Currently, Centriq has six different M365 MicroClasses available, covering the key concepts most requested by our customers:


Teams 101

Make the most of Microsoft Teams with our easy-to-follow demo. We cover the most used Teams features and how to optimize them to increase productivity and efficiencies during your day.

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Teams Digital Content Collaboration

Learn how you can effectively work in the Cloud with Teams and Microsoft 365. We look at all the document storage locations within the M365 ecosystem, discuss collaboration through co-authoring and versioning, and outline the life cycle of document development.

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Best Practices of Hosting a Teams Meeting

This session will address how to host an effective, collaborative internal Teams meeting. We will cover all the tools, features, and options you can utilize before, during, and after your meeting to maximize interactions and meeting productivity.

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OneNote Tips, Tricks, and Add-Ons

Maximize what you can do in Microsoft OneNote by learning new tips and tricks to help boost productivity in your day. We cover the features OneNote has to offer and how you can use it every day in your work to keep you organized, no matter your job role.

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Transform Work Digitally

Take control of your day with Microsoft 365 applications. This session dives into how the most common apps can be used to increase productivity and improve collaboration throughout your day.

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M365 Group Permissions

Understand who has access to your documents in your Microsoft 365 Groups. We will cover how you can manage what your Groups have access to, and how to update and manage permissions as status changes.

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If you have two hours, you have time to learn a new skill in M365 with our MicroClasses. Not sure which class is best for you? Contact us or fill out the form below and one of our Account Executives will help you get started.