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December 7 07:11 AM

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Meet the Instructor: Ley Fatzinger

Meet the Instructor: Ley Fatzinger

April 6, 2021 in Corporate IT Training / by Centriq Training

Meet Ley Fatzinger, one of Centriq’s Corporate Technical Trainers! Ley has been with Centriq since 2016, coming from over 25 years of industry experience that she brings to the classroom. As a lifelong learner, Ley loves to discover and explore new things that she can not only apply to her lessons, but also help make her more well-rounded through books, music, and traveling.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to becoming an instructor at Centriq:

I have been training/teaching in some capacity pretty much my whole career. I have worked in human services, retail/corporate, and education industries. My true passion is assisting students to reach their goals—I love the aha moments! Centriq allows me to follow my passion and supports my own continued growth.


What classes at Centriq do you teach?

I primarily teach project management, data analysis, productivity software, and business courses. I teach those in both technical and non-technical roles at their organizations. Not sure where to start? Contact us today and one of our Customer Success Specialists can help you get signed up for your next class!

View Project Management Fundamentals on our Class Schedule

View ITIL® Foundations on our Class Schedule


How can a certification such as PMP, Agile, or ITIL® help improve a professional’s career?

Certifications can validate skill sets as well as indicate a desire to take on more challenging roles within an organization. Some positions require some of the entry level certifications to prove that the individual has a basic understanding of the environment in which they will be expected to work.


What certification do you recommend starting with?

I would start with, my personal favorite, the Agile/Scrum Master Certification or ITIL® Foundations. Both of the certifications will be useful in understanding the changes many organizations are going through as they are trying to improve their business process.


What advice do you have for any IT professionals looking to take their skills to the next level?

Definitely sign up for the class and continue to get training even if you don’t want to take the certification exam. There are many different processes that you can choose from to make your work better. We get stuck in ruts at times and training can refresh or introduce us to methods that might work better.


What training do you think everyone should take, no matter their job role?

I think everyone should take a project management foundations course. Apart from a few exceptions, all organizations undertake projects. By being introduced to the concepts and methods involved they can get a better understanding of the changes and expectations in which they will be involved.


Any other advice for IT professionals?

As an IT professional, we know it is a constantly evolving field. If we don’t stay current, we make ourselves obsolete. The variety and level of training we offer at Centriq is exceptional—take advantage of it!


Are you ready to sign up for your next class with Ley? Contact us or fill out the form and one of our Customer Success Specialists will help you get started!