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December 9 12:37 PM

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How Do I Find Which Technology Courses Are Right for Me?

How Do I Find Which Technology Courses Are Right for Me?

May 9, 2017 in Corporate IT Training / by Centriq Training

We all know that choosing the right technology training course is important.

A quality course can help a person gain the knowledge they need to excel in their current jobs and find better career opportunities in the future.

Choosing the right type of IT training, online or in-class, is important for getting the best results. Since everyone has different professional goals and aspirations, it is important to ask the right questions when choosing technology courses. Here are some things to consider during the decision-making process.

Does a Technology Course Make My Job Easier?

One of the main reasons employees take technology courses is to help them improve their current job skills. A person who is in the IT industry may sign up for IT training courses to help them expand their knowledge of specific or foreign technologies. Most other employees will simply be looking for knowledge that will make their jobs easier. Any leg up, especially for those in industries with competitive employment environments, is valuable.

Technology courses can also be useful when a person’s job duties are changing. We see upgrades in hardware and software every year across companies of all sizes. If a person needs to expand their knowledge to meet the increasing demands of their occupation, a course from Centriq can be the right fit.

For example, if your company is looking into cloud technology, taking a class on Microsoft SharePoint can prepare you for the challenges and excitement of managing a new system. Regardless of your role, taking a course in a new technology before it is implemented can help ease the headaches usually associated with change.

Does the Technology Course Fit with Your Schedule?

Most people who have considered taking technology courses can attest to the fact that scheduling difficulties are one of their main hindrances. When a person is considering IT classes, they should make sure their work schedule and personal obligations allow them enough time for this kind of commitment.

Signing up for online IT training without enough time to dedicate to it is a mistake. A person won’t be able to focus properly and absorb the material if the class doesn’t fit well with their schedule. When considering courses, we advise checking:

  • The start date
  • The duration
  • The days of the week the class runs

Learning about information technology, coding languages, and other topics in the tech industry requires dedication. Anyone who is considering taking a course should make sure their schedule allows them to focus on the course properly.

Does the Technology Course Fit with Your Budget?

While scheduling can present difficulties when it comes to taking technology courses, financing can also present its own problems. When a person is thinking about tech or IT classes, it is important to consider the cost and the payment options that are available. Some options offered by Centriq include:

  • Centriq Vouchers: This option offers training at lower costs without the need to predetermine specific classes. This makes it easier to purchase training when the budget allows it.
  • Annual Pass: This option provides unlimited IT training classes for an entire year for what you would typically pay for 1.5 classes at retail price. This can be a great option for someone who wants to take multiple classes on a tight budget.
  • Vendor Vouchers: Centriq accepts vouchers from vendors like Microsoft, Citrix, and Cisco. This can be a great way to get IT courses at no charge if your enterprise agreement included training vouchers. Learn more about utilizing Vendor Vouchers for free training HERE.

Centriq offers individual classes as well as special offers to help students of all financial brackets get the online IT training they need. Find out more about the Ways to Buy training from Centriq here.

Considering the Flexibility of Technology Courses

Technology courses can vary greatly depending on the subject matter. There are plenty of topics we can study to advance our understanding of coding, security, and other aspects of the tech field. We offer training in a number of formats including classroom, live virtual classes, self-paced learning, certifications, and even custom/private classes.

Whether you’re looking for the traditional classroom experience or a hybrid of classroom and online IT training, Centriq offers something for everyone.

To find out more about technology courses and finding the right option for your needs, contact Centriq today!