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December 10 04:12 AM

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From Average Joe to IT Pro

From Average Joe to IT Pro

May 24, 2019 in IT Career Program / by Elizabeth Granada

Hey! I’m Joe. I’m a graduate of Centriq’s Systems & Security Administration program.

Before I went through Centriq’s program, I was a struggling college student with no clear vision or goal for my career. I remember feeling lost, disconnected and confused. I was a rockstar in my technology classes, but I didn’t do well in other unrelated courses. I heard about Centriq’s 4-month IT Career Program on the radio and quickly set a time to meet with Russ.  I remember feeling so good about how sincere and real the staff was. That feeling was so refreshing after years of “just being a student who paid tuition,” (which is how I felt as a college student).

“I built a certain confidence in those skills that made interviewers drool at when I went into interviews.”

It didn’t take me long to enroll in the program after meeting with Russ and touring the campus. Everything in my being was telling me that this was the time and the opportunity to finally do what love to do, and finally, get paid for doing it. I tell everyone that the most valuable aspect of Centriq is the support given to students. I went from listening to chemistry lectures with 150+ students per professor to a class of 12 supportive “teammates” and 1-2 caring instructors at a time.  All the staff, not just the instructors, are just as concerned for every student’s success.

Centriq also helped me establish my career direction and professional identity. I discovered the things I liked about IT, and the specific skills that I’m good at. I built a certain confidence in those skills that made interviewers drool at when I went into interviews.

Speaking of interviews, I was quickly hired as an IT Service Desk Technician. My future looks bright. I’m getting treated— and PAID— like the valuable asset I am. I finally know who I am as a professional and have a direction, and I made life-lasting friends and supportive relationships at Centriq Training.

You could change your life just like Joe did. What’s holding you back? Let’s talk!