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Drive Remote Productivity with Training

Drive Remote Productivity with Training

April 16, 2020 in Corporate IT Training / by Elizabeth Granada

To some, working from home sounds like the perfect way to keep up on projects and daily work activities. But with much of the workforce working from home under the current “shelter in place” restrictions, many projects are being pushed. This often leaves more time to take on additional tasks. If you or your team have been eager to learn a new skill or strengthen your existing skills, why not use this extra time to take an online, remote or virtual technical training class?

What training opportunities should you be looking for?

If you have taken online or virtual professional development training in the past, you know that not all opportunities are created equal. Training remotely requires a lot of discipline and, if you have not participated in remote training before, it can be a big adjustment. We recommend live, virtual training that keeps the structure and routine of a traditional classroom, but can be accessed from home with an internet connection. Unlike a self-paced or on-demand platform, you have the opportunity in a live, virtual classroom to ask questions and work directly with your instructor in real-time, giving you the reassurance you need to learn and retain the lessons.  Need some ideas?  Check out Centriq’s special offer for virtual Microsoft classes.


If you don’t have the time for a full-length class, try specialized webinars

If a full-length course is not an option for you, look for a webinar that can give you an overview of a topic you are interested in learning more about. There are a variety of options out there for webinars, all covering topics in their own way. To make the most of your time, look for webinars that not only post their course outlines, but also whose outlines mirror what you are looking to learn so you aren’t sitting through topics you are already well-versed in. For example, to help improve your productivity while working remotely on Microsoft Teams, take a look at our Microsoft Teams webinars.


Are you restructuring your department? Consider reskilling your staff to retain talent

In uncertain times, your organization might need to take the necessary steps to prioritize your staffing needs. If you have staff who currently work in positions that aren’t a necessity, but you don’t want to see them go, consider evolving their talents so they can still be utilized elsewhere. By signing them up for a fast-paced training program, not only are you able to retain your staff, but you can also save on future staffing expenses. Are you not sure how to start reskilling your staff? Centriq Training’s 4-month IT Career Program is currently starting classes virtually to promote social distancing.


Remote training and your team

When choosing a training program while working remote, make sure you select a program that sets you and your team up for success. Select learning opportunities that can be applied toward different settings, especially when you are back to work in the office. Not sure how to get started? Fill out the form below and we can help create a training program that is beneficial to you, no matter where you are working.