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December 10 02:39 AM

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Centriq’s Producer of the Year

Centriq’s Producer of the Year

February 9, 2022 in Centriq News, Corporate IT Training, Featured Employers / by Andrea Pomatto

Our 2021 Producer of the Year committed themselves to being a Centriq Champion in many ways! In addition to being the top Corporate Sales Producer in 2021, this team member exemplified the following Centriq values:

               Teamwork: Exceptional team member for the Corp Sales team; encouraging, mentoring, always willing to lend and ear or provide input/suggestion/feedback on customer situations and scenarios. Happily chipped in and touched based with team members when needed, and maintains solid relationships with instructors, Operations team, and others in our organization

               Innovation: Created a new approach to reach out to her customers that focuses on sharing industry insight, case studies and use cases and how those situations could apply to their business. This person also homed in their email and voicemails to increase the number of appointments they are setting.

               No Student Left behind: This Producer makes sure their customers are taken care of; quick to respond, assist, and advocate for her customer and students.

               Empowerment: Additionally, this producer made sure to make time for their professional development including our M365 self-paced videos, time management, a new plan to approach their month + quarter, and strives to learn, understand, and apply all the resources and education that the Enablement Teams share with them.

We are very excited to announce that the 2021 Producer of the Year is Jenn Miller! Congrats, Jenn! Continue reading and learn more about our Rockstar team member.

How long have you worked at Centriq?

I have worked at Centriq Training for 28 years in March.

What tool did you learn that was “life changing” in your line of work?

You will probably laugh when I tell you what tool or tools that were life changing for me.  I am still working for the same company that hired me right out of College.  So, you can imagine that I have seen a lot of things change since 1994.  The two things that completely revolutionized my work life when they came out though were when we got voicemail and email!  It is silly to think about that now but when I first started here 28 years ago, our receptionist had to take phone messages for us and we mailed everything or called everyone.  Our digital and fast paced world were very different 28 years ago.

What is one skill you would like to learn in 2022 and why?

I used to be able to speak French and I would like to re-learn French this year.  While I know that I probably won’t fluent, I would like to be able to understand it and read it for a trip that my husband and I will be taking to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and our 50th birthdays.

What is one tip you want all your clients to know

I want all of my clients to know a few very important things:  I will always respond as quickly as I can whether I have an answer or not, I will always keep you updated, and I will go the extra mile for you – always.

Favorite Holiday tradition

My family started a tradition years ago and we have carried it on with my husband and children.  Every Christmas Eve, we go to Mass and then come home and eat our Christmas Eve dinner but what makes it so special is that it incorporates different foods from all of the places my family has lived:

*Driskoll Hotel Cheese Soup – The soup is from Texas, but we were introduced to it when we lived in Oklahoma by our next door neighbors.  I have never known a Christmas Eve that I haven’t had this soup!  It is so yummy.

*Smoked Turkey – Obviously a southern tradition.  My brother brought this tradition back from College in Texas in San Antonio.  Instead of purchasing one, my husband now takes over the reins and smokes one for us.  He is a pro!

* Maryland Crab Cakes with Scomas Remoulade Sauce – My parents lived in Maryland for about 7 years and we certainly learned to love the seafood while there.  Crab Cakes were their add but my husband and I lived in San Francisco and crab is big there too.  Scoma’s is an amazing restaurant that has a great remoulade sauce, so we contributed that.

*Tamales – this tradition is kind of a combination of my brother’s time in San Antonio as well as my friends here in Kansas City who introduced us to “Christmas Tamales”. 

*Potato Latkes – our neighbors in California were Jewish so they always celebrated Christmas with us.  They wanted to contribute to our meal, so they introduced us to latkes/applesauce and sour cream.  Truth be told, I think these are my kid’s favorite part of the meal!

What I love most about this meal is that not only is my family eating this same meal here in Kansas City but my parents are eating it in Dallas, my sister is eating it in Virginia and my brother is eating in Houston.  So, even if we can’t be together it is like we are still able to celebrate the holiday together!

If you had to be one M365 app what would it be?

If I were an M365 App, I would be Teams.

Just like Teams, I chat with friends and co-workers, I share documents, e-mails and offer up things like advice, I also have meetings for work and my personal life.   I do a lot of collaboration that allows me to make decisions and communicate effectively.