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December 9 03:17 PM

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Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

October 9, 2017 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft Office / by Craig Gerdes

An add-in is a term used for a software utility added to a primary program. In other words, add-ins are mini applications that extend what you can do with Microsoft Office programs, such as PowerPoint. When you enable an add-in, it adds custom commands and new features that help increase your productivity.

By default, add-ins are not immediately available, so you must first install (and in some cases activate or configure) these add-ins so that you can use them. Many of the add-ins are free from the Microsoft Store (https://store.office.com). You may also be able to search for add-ins from third party vendors.

To get started, click Insert and then Store.

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

On the dialog box that pops-up, make sure you click the Store tab. Then you can search by keyword, filter by category, or sort by name, rating, or suggestions. If you click the add-in before adding it, you can read a description, see ratings and FAQs, and view additional information.

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

Once you install the add-in, it will be available to you in the future when you click My Add-ins from the Insert menu or by clicking the My Add-ins from the dialog box.

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

Then you can double-click the add-in (or select it and click Insert) to add it to your document. Finally, follow the instructions for each add-in to make it work by choosing or adjusting any settings or options.

Here are some popular add-ins for PowerPoint:

Scan and Paste

Quickly add all kinds of images (also scanned documents, video, and audio) with your smartphone.
NOTE: This add-in is only available directly from the Microsoft Store website (see above for URL) or at https://www.scanandpaste.com/OfficeAddIns. Once you download it to PowerPoint and insert it to your presentation file, it will open as a task pane on the right side of your screen. NOTE: Even though it says for Office 365, it will work with the desktop version of PowerPoint.

First, get the free mobile app for your phone. Then, using this app, take pictures with your phone (or you may also select existing pictures on your phone by selecting Gallery). Next, choose Save and the file will be uploaded to the cloud. Be sure to pair your phone by scanning the provided code using the built in QR scanner tool in the app. You will then see the image as a thumbnail in the task pane in PowerPoint. Refresh the task pane if necessary. Finally, you select and insert the image to the appropriate slide. NOTE: The uploaded items/objects are only stored in the cloud for 7 days!

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

Web Viewer

This app allows you to insert secure web pages starting with https:// onto the slide. Not supported are non-secure web pages for security reasons. Even clicking the links on the inserted webpage works!

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

Slice Timer

Use this timer to limit your group discussions or meeting breaks and visually see how much time is left. After setting/saving the minutes and seconds, you can click to start and pause. NOTE: Auto start does not seem to work and it does not play in Slide Show view, only in editing mode.

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

Word Cloud

Create beautiful word cloud images that summarize key words from your text. Once you download it to PowerPoint and insert it to your presentation file, it will open as a task pane on the right side of your screen. Here you can set font style, colors, layout, case, size, etc. You must first select some text on the PowerPoint slide before you click the Create Word Cloud button. Once the Word Cloud is created, you can right-click to copy or save. You can also save it to an online gallery for others to access if you wish.

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint


Create beautiful and professional timelines with ease using this add-in. NOTE: This add-in is only available directly at https://www.officetimeline.com/download. Once you download it to PowerPoint a ribbon tab is added. You can also open a task pane on the right side of your screen for style options. You can create tasks and milestones by using a wizard or template or by importing data from Excel or Project. Settings can help you make decisions on working days/time, import options, and autocorrect features for tasks and milestones.

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

In addition to the add-ins discussed here, several are available that deal with adding audience interaction such as quiz questions and polls and much more. Check them out!

If you ever need to disable your add-ins or remove them, you can do so by clicking Manage My Add-ins or by clicking the Options button (…). You can also read details, ratings, and reviews with the Options button.

Awesome Add-ins for PowerPoint

For more information about these features, take a PowerPoint Class from Centriq. For course descriptions and dates, see our website at https://centriq.com/corporate/class-schedule/?q=PowerPoint.

Be sure to watch for future blog articles in this PowerPoint series. The next topic will feature Terrific Tips for Presenting. Also plan to attend a free PowerPoint Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, November 1. We will feature live demonstrations of all of the items covered during this PowerPoint blog series. If you would like to attend, CLICK HERE to register.

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