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50+ Ways to Love Your Office 365

50+ Ways to Love Your Office 365

March 3, 2020 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft 365/Office 365 / by Craig Gerdes

50+ Ways to Love Your Office 365
(Or 50+ Ways O365 Apps Integrate with Each Other)


Office 365 apps can be cleverly integrated and embedded with each other giving you the following benefits:

  • Greater overall adoption of more Office 365 apps
  • Improved personal efficiency and usability
  • Increased value as features of one app are extended to another app

Some apps are connected automatically while others need to be initiated by the user. Using the full power of the Office 365 suite of applications is the way to go!

Top 50+

  1. Embed a Form into a Sway
  2. Embed a Sway into a Sway
  3. Embed a file stored on OneDrive or SharePoint (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF) into a Sway
  4. Embed Power BI into a Sway
  5. Embed Stream video into a Sway
  6. Export a Sway to Word
  7. Create a Form from Excel
  8. Review a Form’s results in Excel
  9. Embed a Form in OneNote (Class or Staff Notebooks for Office 365 Education users)
  10. Add a Form to a Stream Video
  11. Use Power Automate flows to add files to a specific folder in OneDrive
  12. Create a new Word, Excel, or PowerPoint in OneDrive
  13. Create a new OneNote notebook in OneDrive
  14. Create a new Form in OneDrive
  15. Tasks flagged in Outlook show up in To-Do
  16. People cards in Outlook can quickly access files shared on OneDrive or SharePoint
  17. People cards in Outlook can quickly start a personal chat or audio/video meeting in Teams
  18. Use Outlook to Email your Teams channel
  19. Recorded Teams meetings and live events are stored in Stream
  20. Schedule/View a Teams Meeting in Outlook
  21. Attachments in Teams Personal chats are saved to a OneDrive folder titled Microsoft Teams Chat Files
  22. Attachments in a Team’s General Channel are saved to the group’s SharePoint General folder
  23. A Teams standard channel creates a folder in SharePoint and files added to the channel are saved there
  24. A Teams private channel creates a SharePoint site collection
  25. Tabs can be added in Teams to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Stream, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, etc.
  26. Content found in Delve can be discussed on Yammer
  27. Import an Excel table as a SharePoint List
  28. Export a SharePoint List to an Excel table
  29. Use Power Automate flows to approve files to a specific SharePoint library or list
  30. Add a Link in SharePoint to connect to Group email and calendar
  31. Add a Link in SharePoint to connect to Teams
  32. Add a Link in SharePoint to connect to OneNote Notebook
  33. Add a Link in SharePoint to connect to Planner
  34. Export Planner Plans and Tasks to Excel
  35. View Comments made on a Plan’s tasks in the Group’s email in Outlook
  36. Attachments added to the Plan’s tasks are stored in the Group’s SharePoint library
  37. Add specifically assigned tasks and the Plan in general to your Outlook calendar
  38. Tasks flagged in Planner show up in To-Do
  39. Insert Outlook Meeting Details into a OneNote Notebook
  40. Send a File to OneNote (as a printout) from Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  41. Send an email or meeting invite from Outlook to OneNote
  42. Insert a Stream video into OneNote
  43. Insert an Attachment as a Link to a OneDrive file in OneNote
  44. Attachments in Outlook are viewable in Delve
  45. Shared files in OneDrive or SharePoint are accessible in Delve
  46. The file upload question in a Form will add a folder in your OneDrive where responders’ files will be saved
  47. Attachments in Outlook email messages can be saved to a OneDrive folder titled Attachments
  48. OneNote notebooks are saved to a OneDrive folder titled Notebooks
  49. Notifications from many apps can be received via Outlook email messages
  50. Use the Whiteboard app in a Teams video meeting
  51. Send a Channel Message to the Team or a person in an Outlook email message
  52. Use the OneNote mobile app and add a Sticky Note. In addition to being added to OneNote, it will be added to Notes in Outlook
  53. Use Office Lens on your mobile device and take a picture of a business card. In addition to being added as an image in OneNote, the contact information will be added to Contacts in Outlook


  • Which ones have you used? Tell us your favorite and why.
  • Which ones are you now going to try? How will that help you or what problem will it solve?
  • Which ones would you like us to write a short follow-up blog about?
  • Do you have another example to share? Help push us to 75 (and then 100!) by adding your ideas for possible inclusion in our ongoing list.

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