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December 7 07:22 AM

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4 Benefits of Mapping Out a Training Plan

4 Benefits of Mapping Out a Training Plan

December 23, 2016 in Corporate IT Training / by Centriq Training

Centriq understands that it can be difficult to determine how best to map out a training plan for an entire year. However, those who do take the time to plan ahead see many benefits such as keeping up with industry changes, being in touch with all the latest technology developments and staying ahead of competitors.

1) Keep up with industry changes

Industries are constantly changing so it is important for a business to continuously develop, to avoid being left behind. It’s also important to make sure your business is complying with any industry regulations, which can be achieved through ongoing training, making sure your staff’s skills and knowledge are up-to-date.

2) Be in touch with all the latest technology developments

New technology is being developed all the time making it insufficient to run a one-off training session. Regular training needs to take place to ensure that staff is using the latest technology comfortably and to its fullest potential. This can be achieved through implementing a customized staff IT training program, and by integrating employee training with IT support.

3) Stay ahead of competitors

Standing still can kill your business, so by making sure your staff is constantly advancing, you will continue to move forward and remain competitive within the marketplace.

4) Other benefits

Other benefits include choosing the new skills a workforce gains, targeting skills to meet the needs of an operation now and in the future, plus training staff can result in increased employee satisfaction levels and attract new talent.

With regular training, a business can more easily identify any gaps in the market and skill gaps within the existing workforce. By identifying these gaps early, there is time to train staff in these required areas so they can fulfill the role effectively.

Although one-off training may be provided to new hires, or other employees, it’s important that training programs are put in place to help develop skills throughout an employees tenure with the company. To retain knowledge, skills need to be practiced and refreshed on a regular basis so elements aren’t forgotten.

That being said, the greatest benefit that comes from planning ahead is that you can match your company goals of hardware/software upgrading or system migration to your 2017 training schedule. Thus ensuring you complete your company goals for the year.

To assist with that, we created a planning tool that includes all training classes from our class schedule (including Microsoft SATV and Cisco CLC eligible courses). This planning tool also features the number of Centriq vouchers needed per class as well as all classes eligible for Annual Pass holders.

Simply download our planning tool via the following link to get started. Please note, utilizing this tool is only part of the planning process. Once you’ve determined the training classes you need, contact a Centriq Training Advisor to help you put together a training package that will best fit your needs. They will help you complete the plan by identifying the order training should be taken, identifying any discounts and organizing the plan into a comprehensive format you and your team can follow throughout the year.

Centriq Training’s Planning Tool

Centriq Training’s SATV Planning Tool

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