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December 7 07:37 AM

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2016 Centriq Technology Scholarship Winner

2016 Centriq Technology Scholarship Winner

May 13, 2016 in Centriq News, College Alternatives / by Ted Parker


Computers have been his life’s hobby since the beginning of Middle School. When his family moved to Lee’s Summit from North Carolina he immediately enrolled in the nationally recognized Summit Technology Academy as an extension of his Lee’s Summit West High School experience. He’s taken six technology-related classes in high school.His code was included in a Summit Tech class project that is in a live environment at the City of Lee’s Summit today. In the Think Big Partners coding contest, he worked on a program to help measure the ripeness of fruit. (“I don’t care what I’m working on,” Austin told us. “I just want to code and see how it works out.”) His dream job is to develop code with a group of co-workers who love doing it as much as he does.


This week Centriq announced that Austin won the $5,000 Technology Scholarship awarded to one 2016 high school graduate. The scholarship will help Austin attend Centriq’s four month TechSmart KC program. TechSmart KC is an accelerated, hands-on technology training program that takes individuals with little or no technology experience and provides them with the entry-level job skills needed to start a technology career. Centriq then helps place these graduates with companies in its extensive Employer Network. (Each quarter Centriq hosts it own IT job fair with 25-30 employers in attendance). Over 850 different companies in Kansas City have hired Centriq grads.


“I want to join the world of technology as fast as I can,” said Austin. “A four month program compared to a four year school is easy math.” Centriq’s TechSmart KC program offers students a choice of either a coding (or programming) track or a network administration track.?? (Austin will pursue the coding track.) Both tracks are limited to approximately 12 students and focus solely on technology job skills that are in demand in Kansas City today. That’s how Centriq students can complete their training in just four months. Students also work extensively on their resumes, interview techniques and communication skills. At the end, all students must present their final project to a room full of fellow students, Centriq staff and potential employers.

Each year Centriq trains and helps place over 300 individuals – of all ages – in technology careers. If you know anyone passionate about technology or just looking for a new direction, tell them about Centriq’s TechSmart KC program. That’s what Terry Yoast, Austin’s teacher at Summit Tech, did. Now he is on his way to fulfilling his dream.