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December 10 02:40 AM

ProDev to get ahead.

Bring Centriq Training to your organization for a customized workshop experience that will help power your team forward. Our workshops are designed to help you understand the characteristics and activities that create an effective team, leaving you feeling more unified and ready to take on any project together.

Why the Workshop?

Training course number 1.
Create Value

Investing in youre employees provides a sense of value to help boost morale and company culture.

Training course number 2.
Improve Leadership

ProDev gives you the tools to effectively lead your team, guide them to the next level of leadership, and create better efficiencies.

Training course number 3.
Develop Your Employees

Your staff will gain the confidence to exceed expectations and produce positive results.

What You Learn

Our experienced staff works with you and helps determine what topics work best for you and your team. We combine lecture with an open discussion to develop a deeper understanding of your team and create a plan to improve efficiencies and teamwork.

Example Workshop Schedule:

Emotional Intelligence
Problem Solving
Debrief and Closure

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