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December 9 08:51 PM

Remote Learning Requirements

Centriq Virtual Learning Student Connectivity Test

Before attending a virtual instructor-led training course with Centriq, please complete all of the steps in this Connectivity Test to verify that the system you are using to take the class has all of the correct components to make your experience the best it can be.

*This must be completed from the machine used to connect to class!

Step 1: Determine that Your Computer Meets the Minimum System Requirements

  • Multiple Monitors
    • A minimum of two monitors is required for all classes. A third monitor or tablet is highly recommended.
      • One monitor will be used for your lab environment.
      • A second monitor will be used for Teams (lecture/chat/instructor presentation).
      • A third monitor or tablet is recommended for your digital book. If your courseware is physical, this extra monitor is not necessary.
    • If you do not have access to a third monitor or tablet, two monitors will suffice. Just be prepared that you will need to toggle back and forth between systems at times during your class.
  • System Requirements
    • Windows 7 – Windows 10
    • 2 GB or more of RAM
    • Internet Explorer (IE) v8 or later, Chrome v34 or later, Mozilla Firefox v34 or later
    • Cookies and Session Cookies enabled
    • Display – 1024×768 minimum resolution and High Color (16 bit) display definition
    • Working sound card, microphone & speakers
    • JavaScript enabled
    • Webcam recommended, not required
  • VPN & Firewall
    • Accessing class through a personal computer is recommended.
    • If using a company computer, please confirm you are able to access all systems through any possible firewalls. If unable to access, please connect with your IT team as soon as possible.
    • While testing and attending class do not connect to your company’s VPN.

Step 2: Test your Internet Access

Step 3: Live Classroom Application & Lab Environment

Please refer to your registration confirmation or connectivity email to determine which lab environment you will be using and complete the entire test process according to the information found there.

Live Classroom Application – Presentation

Live Virtual Classroom Environment

Centriq uses Teams as our Live Virtual Classroom Environment.

Lab Environment Connectivity

Labs on Demand (LOD)

To test your connection to the LOD lab environment, click here.

Step 4: Student Agreement

Students enrolling in Virtual Learning classes at Centriq Training are required to review and agree with the specific terms and conditions associated with the Virtual Learning modality.

Attendance and Viewing

Students enrolling in Virtual Learning classes at Centriq Training are required to review and agree with the specific terms and conditions associated with the Virtual Learning modality.

Third Party Recording Devices

The use of 3rd party recording or capture devices is prohibited for any use. If you have a concern with missing a part of class, please contact your Centriq Account Executive to discuss options.

Connectivity Test

You acknowledge that you have successfully performed the tests as specified in the Virtual Learning Connectivity Test document. This test is critical to a successful Virtual Learning experience, and must be completed from the machine where the class will be attended.

Upon receipt by Centriq of this Virtual Learning Connectivity Test form, you have successfully completed registration in your Virtual Learning class. Two to four days prior to class start, you will receive your materials and class login instructions.

By completing and submitting this form you are stating that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this Virtual Learning Student Agreement and that you have completed each step of the Connectivity Test above.

Step 5: Experience Assessment

The statements below are requirements, and if you are not able to mark all items, virtual learning is not advised.

"*" indicates required fields

Check all that apply
MM slash DD slash YYYY

*Used for purposes of contacting virtual learning student during class and will not be use as alternative contact for student.

**Address is for courseware shipping purposes only. Please list address of where materials should arrive.