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December 7 07:34 AM

Centriq Training's
M365 Training Subscription
for Managed Service Providers

A New Way to Train on M365 and Teams

A New Training Solution for Your Customers

Centriq’s M365 Training Subscription helps MSPs attract and retain customers with a turnkey Microsoft 365 & Teams training solution that drives engagement and adoption. The subscription can be offered as a standalone training option, or paired with live M365 training, including Centriq’s M365/Teams Adoption Solution, designed for small to mid-sized companies.

Centriq's M365 Training Subscription Overview

The M365 Training Subscription enables MSP customers to implement a proven, structured adoption of Teams (and other M365 apps) by providing:

• Live, dedicated training for End Users

• Exclusive training for internal M365 Champions

• Guided, ongoing M365 video eTraining for the entire company

More information about the M365 Subscription Program can be found here.

Benefits of the M365 Training Subscription for MSPs

• M365 training is a value add that differentiates MSP to attract new customers

• M365 engagement and adoption creates stickiness to retain existing customers

• M365 ongoing training reduces customer calls to MSP's help desk

• M365 Subscription is managed by Centriq so no added overhead for MSP

• M365 Subscription is sold separately by Centriq or packaged with MSP services

• M365 Subscription adds a recurring revenue source for MSP

Easy to Introduce the M365 Training Subscription to Customers

• Centriq offers a free M365 & Teams webinar providing an overview of the functionalities and possibilities of Teams and the other M365 apps

• MSP invites all existing (or potential) customers to attend the webinar

• Centriq handles all registrations and provides MSP with all attendee information

• At the end of the webinar, Centriq/MSP outlines the M365 Subscription offering

• Centriq/MSP share follow up info with attendees via phone/email

• Centriq manages delivery of all M365 training events

• Centriq shares revenue with MSP

More information about the M365 Subscription Program can be found here.


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