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July 4 06:57 PM


Microsoft Office Access: Level 3 Training Class:

  • Ways to Train:
  • Live Classroom
    Class is delivered at a Centriq location with a live instructor actually in the classroom.
  • Live Virtual Class
    Class is delivered live online via Centriq's Virtual Remote technology. Student may attend class from home or office or other location with internet access.
  • HD Class
    Class is delivered via award winning HD-ILT at Centriq's facility. Students view the live instructor utilizing a 60'' HD monitor.
  • Ways to Buy:
  • Retail
    Class can be purchased directly via check, credit card, or PO.
  • CV Centriq Vouchers
    Class is available for students using Centriq Vouchers.
  • CP Centriq Choice Pass Eligible
    Class is available to students utilizing Centriq Choice Pass program.
Start Date End Date Duration Days Start Time End Time Time Zone Location Ways to Train Ways to Buy Price
10.03.22 10.03.22 1 Day M 8:30AM 4:00PM Central Virtual Only Live Virtual Classroom Cash CV Centriq Vouchers CP Centriq Choice Pass Eligible $249.00
1.0 CV
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The course assumes you have completed Access 2019 Level 1 and Level 2, or you have equivalent skills in using Access. You will benefit most from this course if you want to be an advanced user of Access 2019.

*Note - This course is delivered on the 2019 version of the product & prepares students for the Microsoft Office Specialist and Expert exams for Access 2019. Using an older version of Office today? There is 10% difference between 2013, 2016 and 2019.


This course provides the concepts and skills for the advanced use of Microsoft Access: How to import and export data; using action queries to manage data; creating complex forms and reports; macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA); and tools and strategies to manage, distribute, and secure a database

View the Microsoft Office Access: Level 3 Training Course Outline

Lesson 1: Importing and Exporting Table Data

 Topic A: Import and Link Data

 Topic B: Export Data

 Topic C: Create a Mail Merge

Lesson 2: Using Queries to Manage Data

 Topic A: Create Action Queries

 Topic B: Create Unmatched and Duplicate Queries

Lesson 3: Creating Complex Reports and Forms

 Topic A: Create Subreports

 Topic B: Create a Navigation Form

 Topic C: Show Details in Subforms and Popup Forms

Lesson 4: Creating Access Macros

 Topic A: Create a Standalone Macro to Automate Repetitive Tasks

 Topic B: Create a Macro to Program a User Interface Component

 Topic C: Restrict Records by Using a Condition

 Topic D: Create a Data Macro

Lesson 5: Using VBA to Extend Database Capabilities

 Topic A: Getting Started with VBA

 Topic B: Using VBA with Form Controls

Lesson 6: Managing a Database

 Topic A: Back Up a Database

 Topic B: Manage Performance Issues

 Topic C: Document a Database

Lesson 7: Distributing and Securing a Database

 Topic A: Split a Database for Multiple-User Access

 Topic B: Implement Security

 Topic C: Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File

 Topic D: Package a Database with a Digital Signature

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