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September 29 06:26 AM


Microsoft Teams - Workday Advanced Training Class:

  • Ways to Train:
  • Live Classroom
    Class is delivered at a Centriq location with a live instructor actually in the classroom.
  • Live Virtual Class
    Class is delivered live online via Centriq's Virtual Remote technology. Student may attend class from home or office or other location with internet access.
  • HD Class
    Class is delivered via award winning HD-ILT at Centriq's facility. Students view the live instructor utilizing a 60'' HD monitor.
  • Ways to Buy:
  • Retail
    Class can be purchased directly via check, credit card, or PO.
  • CV Centriq Vouchers
    Class is available for students using Centriq Vouchers.
  • CP Centriq Choice Pass Eligible
    Class is available to students utilizing Centriq Choice Pass program.
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Have you been working in Teams, and ready to take it to the next level? 

Are you asking yourself … 

What are apps, bots, connectors?, or How can I be a polished meeting host?, or Interested in Live Events and how it can help change your communication internally and externally?, or Do you have an interest in knowing how guest access works and how external users are different.  

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions above, then this course is for you. Let Centriq take your Teams skills to the next level, a Power User. 

View the Microsoft Teams - Workday Advanced Training Course Outline

Microsoft Office Home transform your desktop into a virtual desktop 

Microsoft 365 Groups and the impact they have 

Microsoft Teams 

  • Best practices for when to create Teams and Channels 

  • Recommendations for structure of Teams and Channels 

    • Apps, Bots, Connectors, Oh My! 

      • Microsoft Apps; Word, Planner, Shift, Yammer. and more 

      • Explore other non-Microsoft apps 

  • Understand Guests and External Users 

    • Hands on to see type of user's limitations within M365 

  • Go beyond a basic Teams meeting 

    • When to use what? 

      • Team Meetings 

      • Channel Meetings 

      • Live Events 

    • Meeting options 

    • Whiteboard, and other helpful apps 

    • Discover PTSN & Conferencing within Teams 

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