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September 25 05:59 AM


Microsoft Office PowerPoint: Level 2 Training Class:

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    Class is delivered at a Centriq location with a live instructor actually in the classroom.
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    Class is delivered live online via Centriq's Virtual Remote technology. Student may attend class from home or office or other location with internet access.
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    Class is delivered via award winning HD-ILT at Centriq's facility. Students view the live instructor utilizing a 60'' HD monitor.
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PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite. You can use PowerPoint to create presentations that can combine text, graphics, charts, clip art, and WordArt. The PowerPoint interface provides easy access to commands so that the process of creating visually appealing presentations is simple and intuitive.

*Note - This course is delivered on the 2019 version of the product & prepares students for the Microsoft Office Specialist and Expert exams for PowerPoint 2019. Using an older version of Office today? There is 10% difference between 2013, 2016 and 2019.


Students will get the most out of this course if their goal is to become proficient in using intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint skills to create presentations. Students should have some experience using Microsoft PowerPoint.

*Note – If you are unsure what course level you should take, you might consider taking a short self-assessment available.


In order to be successful in this course, a learner should have completed the following course:

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019: Level 1 (Basic)

In addition, students should be comfortable using a personal computer and Microsoft Windows 10 and be able to multitask, as the structure of this class will require you to listen, watch, read, type, and write often all at the same time.

Course Completion

After completing this course, students will know how to:

  • Create and format SmartArt, work with advanced Notes Page features, and work with orientation options 
  • Animate slide content, work with timings of animation and transitions, and insert and format external media 
  • Track editorial changes, review content, resolve differences, and manage multiple presentations 
  • Create, configure, and present custom slide shows 
  • Address and resolve security concerns, and work with sharing features

View the Microsoft Office PowerPoint: Level 2 Training Course Outline

Lesson 1: Customizing Design Templates

 Topic A: Modify Slide Masters and Slide Layouts

 Topic B: Modify the Notes Master and the Handout Master

 Topic C: Add Headers and Footers

Lesson 2: Using Ink to Hand Draw Elements

 Topic A: Draw Objects

 Topic B: Write Math Equations

Lesson 3: Adding Tables

 Topic A: Create a Table

 Topic B: Format a Table

 Topic C: Insert a Table from Other Microsoft Office Applications

Lesson 4: Adding Charts

 Topic A: Create a Chart

 Topic B: Format a Chart

 Topic C: Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel

Lesson 5: Working with Media

 Topic A: Add Audio to a Presentation

 Topic B: Add Video to a Presentation

 Topic C: Add a Screen Recording

Lesson 6: Building Advanced Transitions and Animations

 Topic A: Use the Morph Transition

 Topic B: Customize Animations

Lesson 7: Finalizing a Presentation

 Topic A: Collaborate on a Presentation

 Topic B: Annotate a Presentation

 Topic C: Record a Presentation

 Topic D: Set Up a Slide Show

Lesson 8: Customizing Presentation Navigation

 Topic A: Divide a Presentation into Sections

 Topic B: Add Links

 Topic C: Create a Custom Slide Show

Lesson 9: Securing and Distributing a Presentation

 Topic A: Secure a Presentation

 Topic B: Create a Video or a CD

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