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September 29 09:21 PM

new career, new life

People from all types of backgrounds have changed their careers (not to mention their lives) with Centriq.

Centriq’s programs are designed specifically to train you for a new career in IT. Whether you are looking for a college alternative, want out of a dead-end job, just got laid off or are transitioning from the military into a civilian career, there’s a great chance someone in a similar situation and background like yours has changed their career, and their life, at Centriq. Here are just some examples:

I was tired of doing something that didn’t feel that valuable to me. Centriq changed my life ... Personally, it’s given me confidence. To provide for my family, but also to have something that I can build on – I mean, Centriq was the key to that. It unlocked a lot for us. The flexibility I have now is unmatched."


Track: Full Stack coding program
Old Job: Coffee Shop Manager
New Job: Developer SUpport Engineer

"Centriq completely changed my life. I dropped out of college with no real direction of what I wanted to do in life. After committing to learning software development and working hard for 4 months at Centriq, I landed a great job making more money than I ever have before. I am 20 years old and have become 100% self-sufficient, paid off my debt, own a new BMW coupe, and am loving my life, ALL THANKS TO CENTRIQ. Great teachers, great program. 5/5 stars, thank you."


Track: Full Stack coding program
Old Job: College Student
New Job: C# Developer

“When I left the military, I knew I wanted a career in IT. I enrolled in classes at a community college but quickly realized it was not for me. I was completely dissatisfied with college life. I felt stuck behind what I thought was a necessary degree. My wife has worked in the IT industry for years and recommended Centriq to me … at the time, I had no idea how much Centriq would end up doing for my family.”


Track: cloud & security Specialist program
Old Job: Military Food Safety Specialist
New Job: Field Support Technician

“I was working as a manufacturer when I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. The car wreck had a big influence on my life: I had a two-year-old, a spinal injury, no job, no income and no plan. When I heard about Centriq, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to make a career move that would increase my quality of life and give me a better financial future for my daughter. Looking back, it was the best thing to ever happen to me.”


Track: Full Stack coding program
New Job: App Developer
Old Job: Manufacturer

"Centriq helped me discover my career direction and professional identity. I discovered the things I liked about IT, and the specific skills that I'm good at. I built a certain confidence in those skills that made interviewers drool at when I went into interviews. I was quickly hired as an IT Service Desk Technician. My future looks bright … I’m getting treated — and PAID — like the valuable asset I am. I finally know who I am as a professional and have a direction, and I made life-lasting friends and supportive relationships at Centriq Training."


Track: cloud & security specialist program
Old Job: College Student
New Job: IT Service Desk Technician

"Before coming to Centriq Training, I was in the United States Marine Corps until 2015. In 2017, I graduated from the Aviation Institute of Maintenance but still wasn’t happy with where I was headed. I was referred to Centriq by a friend who completed the program … I liked that the program was only 4 months long and could get me into the workforce quickly. I enrolled in the program and am so glad I did! I was hired three days after graduating by PriceSpider. I have great benefits, consistent hours, good pay and a laid-back work environment. I will always recommend Centriq to anyone wanting a career change!"


Track: cloud & security specialist program
Old Job: Marine Corps Aircraft Mechanic
New Job: Software Product Support Specialist