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From our hands-on methodology to the expertise and passion of our instructors, students love the Centriq Classroom Experience.

How do we make sure you are getting the best classroom experience possible? At the end of every week, we ask our students to complete an anonymous Centriq Review form. They evaluate the classroom, the curriculum, the instructor and their overall experience during the week. We also invite them to make comments and suggestions. We use this information to continually improve our program and the student experience.

“Frank has made my first week here at Centriq the best I could’ve asked for. He is very engaging and genuinely wants you to succeed and has helped make me feel very comfortable and prepared for the rest of my time here at Centriq.”

Frank Pflumm

Class: Systems & Security Career Foundation
Track: Systems & Security Administrator

“This was by far my favorite experience with an instructor yet. I loved the attitude and the flow. There is a way you talk to the class that is certainly fitting for junior developers. The willingness to help was awesome. The external resources you have us and the quantity was most excellent. I appreciate everything you do!”


Jenna Beckett

Class: Front-End Development 2
Track: Full Stack Web Developer
Matt was super professional and very helpful. I liked that he gave us plenty of opportunities to ask questions. I liked his method of asking individuals certain questions to make sure not just the smart person answered all the questions each person was accountable for knowing the material. Matt was a great instructor and I enjoyed being in his class this week.”

Matt Schwarzenberger

Class: Windows Systems Administration 1
Track: Systems & Security Admin
In all honesty, Jeff has to be the best teacher I’ve ever had. He answers the questions thoughtfully, speaks at a very nice pace, and gives off this sort of ‘hey if you’re struggling with this, don’t worry about it. Everything’s gonna be great’ vibe.”

Jeff DeMaranville

Class: Data
Track: Full Stack Web Developer

Chris has once again proved to be a fantastic instructor. His teaching style is awesome and engaging. This week contained a large amount of information and Chris was able to break everything done in a way that was easier to understand and learn. I could not ask for a better instructor.”

Chris Dunbar

Class: Networking Fundamentals 2
Track: Systems & Security Admin

“James is always a pleasure to take instruction from. He is very aware of pacing and has a knack for meeting students where we are at and helping us get difficult concepts. He knows how to say the same things in different ways until it clicks, and his sense of humor makes it easy to approach him with difficult questions.”


James Caldwell

Class: Front-End Fundamentals
Track: Full Stack Web Developer

“I have had Jeff once before (Network Fundamentals 1) a couple months ago and there is no question that he knows his stuff. He demonstrated outstanding patience and genuinely seemed to get involved with the labs when anyone had any trouble. I am someone who absolutely HATES to ask for help because I feel stupid for not keeping up or being where I should be and I get extremely anxious when someone is guiding me through the lab. Jeff was relaxed, could joke, but keep on topic and didn’t cause pressure for anyone. Top tier instructor!”

Jeff Overhaug

Class: Networking Fundamentals 2
Track: Systems & Security Admin

“Chris is EXCELLENT. Great job all the way around, between inclusivity, clear explanation, and I really appreciate that he makes us think through things before giving us the answer to make those gears turn inside our heads instead of spoon-feeding us the answers. Great job, 10/10”

Chris Nuckolls

Class: C# Fundamentals 1
TracK: Full Stack Web Developer

“Everything was incredibly well presented. The outline of the course, and what the expectations are were clearly laid out by the instructor. Any and all questions were promptly answered, and I left everyday feeling confident in what was presented and knew exactly what needed to be done for the next day.”


Adam Jurotich

Class: Systems & Security Career Foundations
Track: Systems & Security Admin

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