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December 10 03:55 AM


Centriq’s highly specialized IT training program is designed to get you into a career in IT in just a few months, all from the comfort of your home in Phoenix, AZ.   

Looking for IT Training Programs in Phoenix, AZ? 

We’ve made it our mission to develop an online IT training program that gets you ready for a career in tech in just a few months, while teaching you the skills you need to succeed by getting you direct, hands-on experience in the areas you’ll need to land a position.Our program provides you with holistic job preparation and training in in-demand skills that will give you the edge when building your new career while also enjoying those beautiful desert sunrises from your porch. 


Centriq Has the IT Career Training You’re Looking For 

Even if you have no IT experience at all, our classes are designed to help you explore IT specialties, gain unique hands-on experience, and build a resume of skills that will set you apart from other candidates. We focus directly on the skills you need to get a job even if you’re starting from scratch. 90 percent of our students come in with little to no experience which is why our curriculum is developed with input from over 1,500 hiring companies too, so we know exactly what skills will set you apart in the job market regardless of whether or not you decide to stay in this Southwestern oasis. 


Online IT Classes, Career Planning, and More 

There’s more to our program than just classes and experience. We focus on everything from soft skills to certifications. After you’ve finished training, our Career Services team will continue to help you on your journey with holistic job preparation and job search support. On top of that, Centriq’s accelerated skills program is made to help you gain all these skills in just a few months, when a normal Associate’s degree program would require 2 years leaving you with less time to enjoy the sunny weather.


Succeed in IT from Anywhere 

If you’re in Phoenix, AZ and looking for a career shift into tech, you’ve come to the right place. Our online training program is live and accessible from anywhere, allowing you to learn, practice, and grow with the instructors and classmates you interact with every day all from the comforts of your sunny city. The tech world is moving more towards remote, skills-based work every day, and we’ve developed the ideal online program to prepare you. 

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