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September 25 06:22 AM

$1,000 scholarship to help launch your new career in IT

If you're ready for a career in IT, you've come to the right place.

Centriq Training’s 4-month IT Career Program prepares you for a successful career in IT in just four months. Our unique hands-on training prepares you with the exact skills employers want, so you’re qualified for a career in IT the day you graduate. Over 1,000 companies have hired our grads because they know we teach the skills that matter, without any of the unnecessary Gen-Ed classes a university requires.

Quick Facts:

  • Centriq only takes four months—not four years
  • Centriq offers small class sizes (8-15 students) with hands-on training
  • Centriq only teaches you the skills you need to know to succeed—no history or biology, just technology
  • Centriq provides job placement assistance—over 1,000 companies have hired our grads
  • Centriq has trained thousands of students over the past 30 years in both Kansas City and St. Louis

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