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December 10 02:36 AM

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The Value of Technical Training & Certification

The Value of Technical Training & Certification

November 7, 2016 in Corporate IT Training / by Centriq Training

What every technology professional needs to get ahead

Looking to get ahead in today’s competitive tech world? Now, more than ever, training classes and certifications are vital to fuel a successful career. Certification makes technology professionals more likely to get hired, demonstrate clear business impact and advance their careers. But, these things also benefit employers as well.

IDC compiled a white paper that goes into great detail about the value of IT Certifications and the benefits they can provide to both individuals and employers. Download the IDC white paper for a deep dive into their assessment or continue reading for an overview.

Benefits of Certification to Tech Professionals

  • Simplified candidate selection. There is consensus that certifications simplified the
    candidate screening process, making it easier to hire certified candidates.
  • Career advancement. Certified employees gain more responsibilities and are
    promoted more quickly than employees without certification. Certified employees
    are often given supervisory responsibility over non-certified employees. And because
    certifications reflect interest in a career in IT, new hires with certification are often
    considered for new opportunities and are better positioned for more rapid career
  • Higher salary. Certified employees tend to have a 15% higher salary, reflecting
    greater skills and knowledge.


  • Improved productivity and reduced cost. Reduce costs associated with hiring new
    employees and minimize the disruption to operations caused by employee turnover.
  • Improved IT staff efficiencies. Certified IT staff are more efficient and perform better
    than staff without certification. The time saved from this efficiency can be reinvested in IT innovation or otherwise supporting the business. In addition, certified staff
    are often relied on to handle more challenging issues and to supervise the work of
    non-certified IT staff members.
  • Improved availability and risk mitigation. IT staff with the appropriate knowledge
    and skill are better able to identify problems and take the necessary steps to
    minimize recovery time and increase system resiliency.
  • Increased business agility. IT organizations are more agile and deliver better performing
    applications and services in less time by having certified staff members.

Notable Stats

In some cases, certification has allowed hiring managers to fill positions 25% more quickly. What’s more, certified new hires are fully productive an entire month sooner than their uncertified peers.

Compared to their peers, Microsoft certified developers are 90% more productive and nearly 60% more efficient. This means that they make nearly twice as many applications per year and in half the time per application.

On average, Microsoft certified technologists earn 15% more than their uncertified peers.

The statistics mentioned here came from a study conducted by IDC and sponsored by Microsoft. For a deeper dive and to learn more about the value of becoming a Microsoft certified technologist, download IT Certifications: Shorter Road to Valuable Positions.