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Computer Jobs for GI’s | Use Your GI Bill® for IT Training

November 4, 2015 in College Alternatives, IT Career Program / by Centriq Training

Computer Jobs for GI’s

Did you spend your time in the military working with computers, networks, cyber security, and communication/radio systems? If this sounds like you, you should know that these skills are highly valued in the civilian career market. There are plenty of jobs you can go into straight from your military service, but careers in IT might take a little more training time.

A New Career without the Investment

If you’re not looking to invest years in going to school, or going back to school, you can explore the many training programs that offer accelerated training in IT and IT related fields. Combining the skills you’ve acquired in the military with the training programs offered by companies like Centriq, you can be job market ready in as little as four months.

Some typical computer jobs are:

    • Data Entry: input hard and electronic data into a database
    • Database Manager: create, maintain, and test data that lives within databases, be proficient with programs such as Access, and SQL.
    • Web Designer: coding and designing websites from the ground up. Utilize HTML, JavaScript, and more.
    • System or Network Admin: Knowledge of network setups and protocols. Various certificates required.
    • Developer/Programmer: maintain and develop programming and software.
    • Help Desk: help computer and network users with technical and connectivity issues. General computer and network knowledge. Customer services skills often a component.
    • Quality Assurance: test and use software, programs, and hardware prior to release to the public. Run numerous tests and situations to ensure there are no bugs.

A lot of these careers don’t require formal education and can utilize hands-on experience and some system specific training. Oftentimes employers are looking for hands-on experience over education so if you’ve got a knack for computers and networking you’ve got a great shot regardless of your college education.

Utilize your Military Experience

Many companies value having the expertise and training that comes with having a military member in their staff. Utilize your military training and work ethic to your advantage. You served your country and service is a pillar to who you’ve become and civillian companies greatly value your work ethic. Let our military friendly staff help get you the IT training you need. We can work with you to help you utilize the most of your GI Bill®.
If you’ve finished your time in the military and you’re looking at ways to incorporate the training you’ve had into a civilian career, look to Centriq to help you transition seamlessly. From managing and securing servers to remote computer management and repairs you can incorporate the skills you’ve learned with some career specific training from Centriq. Upsell your work ethic and training from the military. Let us help you get into a career quickly.

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Centriq Helps Northland CAPS find High School IT Mentors

October 12, 2015 in Centriq News / by Ted Parker

Leawood, KS, October 12, 2015, Centriq Training announced that it is partnering with the Northland Center for Advance Professional Studies (CAPS) to help recruit local IT professionals to mentor high schools students in the Technology Solutions sector of their program. The program provides high school students in the Northland with a professional, innovative and entrepreneurial education through full immersion in high demand/high skill careers. Northland CAPS is looking for volunteers to mentor these students as they engage in real world technology projects for area companies.

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15 Programming Languages to Know in 2015

August 24, 2015 in Corporate IT Training, Web Development / by Centriq Training

As technology is ever-changing, it can be challenging to stay up to speed on what’s new and what’s still relevant.

Todd Wasserman, from Mashable, compiled this list, which includes the programming languages every Developer should know in 2015.


1. Java



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