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December 10 03:51 AM

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Microsoft Azure Certification Training Courses – Centriq

Microsoft Azure Certification Training Courses – Centriq

May 21, 2020 in Azure, Corporate IT Training / by Elizabeth Granada

As you build and manage your cloud environment with Microsoft Azure, you might need additional Azure training for yourself or your team. Whether it is training for the subject matter expert or a contributing team member, here’s our guide to get your Azure team on the right path.

Azure Certification Path


  • Most common certification: Azure Fundamentals—Pass the AZ-900 exam or
  • Azure AI Fundamentals—Pass the AI-900 exam or
  • Azure Data Fundamentals—Pass the DP-900 exam


  • Most common certification: Azure Administrator Associate—Pass the AZ-104 exam or
  • Most common certification: Azure Developer Associate—Pass the AZ-204 exam or
  • Azure Security Engineer Associate— Pass the AZ-500 exam or
  • Azure Data Scientist Associate— Pass the DP-100 exam or
  • Azure AI Engineer Associate— Pass the AI-100 exam or
  • Azure Data Engineer Associate— Pass the DP-200 and DP-201 exams or
  • Azure Database Administrator Associate— Pass the DP-300 exam or
  • Azure Data Analyst Associate— Pass the DA-100 exam



  • Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty—Pass the AZ-120 exam or
  • Azure IoT Developer Specialty— Pass the AZ-220 exam

Azure Fundamentals

Knowledge of Microsoft Azure is useful for anyone in IT, whether they are just starting their career, cross-training within the organization or changing departments. IT professionals with basic Azure knowledge will have the confidence to assist in managing your Azure subscription. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900T00) course gives your staff a foundational knowledge of cloud concepts and prepares them for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification exam (AZ-900 exam). This certification is the first step in the new Microsoft Azure Role-Based Certification structure.


Azure Associates

After working in an Azure environment for one to two years the next step is the Azure Associate certification. Unlike Azure Fundamentals, the Azure Associate requires you to choose a path that aligns with your job role and/or career goals. The most common Azure Associate paths are administration and development.

The Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104T00) course expands an IT professional’s knowledge of managing Azure subscriptions, including managing and monitoring all aspects of the cloud environment. A successful Azure Administrator knows when and how to provision, size, monitor and adjust cloud resources as needed. AZ-104T00 not only addresses these skill sets but also prepares you to achieve the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification (AZ-104 exam).

If you are in a job role that develops in the cloud, Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204T00) expands the skills needed to successfully create end-to-end solutions in your environment. By training at an Associate level in Microsoft Azure, you will be able to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions and third-party services. This course also prepares you to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification (AZ-204 exam). Regardless of the path, becoming a certified Microsoft Azure Associate will give you and your team the confidence to take your cloud-computing for the next level.

Azure Expert

The next step in growing your skills is to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Expert. Much like the Associate level, Azure Expert certifications align with your job role—Solutions Architecture or DevOps.

The Azure Solutions Architect Training Combo course (AZ-303)  helps you master the skills required to design solutions that run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This course provides an understanding of basic Azure administration skills and general networking concepts and offers a high-level understanding of software development. In addition, it prepares you for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification (AZ-300 exam and AZ-301 exam).

The Azure DevOps Engineer Expert reflects a successful combination of people, processes, and technologies to deliver the necessary valuable products and services in Azure. In order to earn this certification, you will need to be familiar with both administration and development in Azure, along with being an expert in at least one of these areas. To earn the Microsoft Certification: DevOps Engineer Expert certification, you must be certified as either an Azure Administrator Associate or an Azure Developer Associate and you will also need to pass the AZ-400 exam.


How much does an Azure Certification cost?

Azure certification costs vary depending on the level you are looking to achieve. Centriq Training is an authorized testing center for certification testing. To schedule your Azure Certification exam, call (855) 542-6942 or visit www.vue.com. Learn more about our certification testing center here.

  • AZ-900: $99 USD
  • AI-900: $99 USD
  • DP-900: $99 USD
  • AZ-104: $165 USD
  • AZ-204: $165 USD
  • AZ-500: $165 USD
  • DP-100: $165 USD
  • AI-100: $165 USD
  • DP-200: $165 USD
  • DP-201: $165 USD
  • DP-300: $165 USD
  • DA-100: $165 USD
  • AZ-300: $165 USD
  • AZ-301: $165 USD
  • AZ-400: $165 USD
  • AZ-120: $165 USD
  • AZ-220: $165 USD

Azure Certification Training

If you have any questions about Azure training or classes you need to earn any Azure certification, contact us or fill out the form below!