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September 25 03:17 PM

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Meet The Centriq Team: Ley Fatzinger

Meet The Centriq Team: Ley Fatzinger

July 7, 2022 in Centriq News / by Centriq Training

Tell us about your journey into technology training.

Hi, I am Ley Fatzinger. I have been with Centriq for over 5 years. I seem to have been in some sort of training/development position for most of my life, both professionally and personally. I have been a teacher, counselor, advisor, trainer, Girl Scout leader, mentor, and team mom to name some of my titles. What I really enjoy is seeing others have their aha moments, as well as having my own. I believe in lifelong learning; if I’m not learning, I’m bored. Who likes to be bored?

While working for CPI corp. (Sears Portrait Studio) in the early 1990s, I helped develop the digital camera system. I was testing their digital proof system that kept crashing and losing pictures. I searched the C drive till I found the “deleted” images. Little did I know that this was not common knowledge at the time…Thanks Dad! (He got his programming degree in the 1970s) I had been hired as a photographer, not a programmer. During this time, I began testing different cameras, networking systems, programs, marketing campaigns, and lighting systems. It was very chaotic, and I kept telling myself that there had to be a better way to manage these projects, and so began my journey of learning about computers and project management.

What tool or skill did you learn that was “life changing” in your line of work?

The first tool that I learned that firmly set me on my path was MS Project. This software was a game changer. For all its quirks, it kept me honest in my plans. The ripple effect of making one small change could literally be red flagged. I wanted to learn more about the theories and formulas that make this software work; I have yet to quit studying these.

While reading about project management, I ran across this term Continual Improvement. It really spoke to me. I love the phrase “Incremental Evolutionary Change” little by little you can make incredible changes. That’s what life is about to me, and I can contribute to others by guiding them along their paths, which in turn helps me along mine. Win/Win!

What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?

It starts with an honest assessment of yourself, and where you want to go, then figuring out a path to get you there. This is an ongoing process for me. Currently, I’m working on my communication skills in a virtual work environment. As a technical trainer more of my classes are going virtually only (Thank You Covid), some of which I said could never be done. I rely heavily on body language, which is hampered in a virtual environment, but I’m adapting learning to listen more carefully to tone of voice, questions asked or not asked. It is still a work in progress.

What is helping me with this is making sure I’m focused before class. I start when I get up on training days. I get my coffee, got to have coffee, and then sit quietly for at least 30 minutes reflecting on the upcoming class and students. I think being prepared technically helps me focus on the communication aspects during class and allows me to be more Agile.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Centriq supports and empowers me on my journey. Early in the pandemic, I was teaching a virtual class and the platform we were using and had used for years started to have erratic connections issues. This was very disruptive for the class and me. Instead of cancelling and rescheduling, I offered to try a new tool, MS Teams. The class preferred this option and I set it up. It worked extremely well for us. As I was setting it up, I informed my manager what I had done. She thanked me for my initiative. This was my first real time of testing empowerment, and I learned that Centriq really does walk the talk!