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November 29 01:21 AM

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Meet Technical Instructor Jeff Westerhaus

Meet Technical Instructor Jeff Westerhaus

July 28, 2022 in Centriq News / by Centriq Training

Meet Jeff Westerhaus, one of our Technical Instructors at Centriq! As a Technical Instructor, Jeff leads you through our proprietary job skill training program. His expertise is in our Network Fundamentals section, preparing you to succeed in earning your CompTIA Network+ certification. He is also a resource for you beyond the classroom throughout your training, and can help provide insight with his own personal experiences both as a technology professional and his experience before working in IT.

Background and Experience  

Jeff is a college graduate from Fort Hays State University but not for computer science. After six years of studying while dealing with major life changes, Jeff finished with a degree in Criminal Justice. His college experience left him with what he felt like a lot of irrelevant class knowledge, not to mention six years’ worth of debt. After graduating, Jeff decided he never wanted to go through a college experience again. 

He took his degree and worked as a probation officer and then a security manager for the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs. After years of working in the field, he decided he wanted a career that would better support his family both financially and by adopting a different lifestyle. Jeff decided it was time to make a change, and signed up for a technology bootcamp to start a new career in IT. After graduating the accelerated program, Jeff landed a job at a major technology and communications company based out of Kansas City. 

From Student to Instructor 

Jeff knew once he started his IT training that he made the right move changing careers. He had such a great experience going through the technology bootcamp that he wanted to pass on the same experience and expertise he received to a new workforce of IT professionals. When he found Centriq, he knew this was the next big movement in training the new workforce and wanted to be involved. 

Jeff is passionate about helping students like yourself find their way in a new industry and become successful. He understands how intimidating it is to change careers, especially if you have no prior IT experience. Like all our instructors, Jeff is a one of the many support systems available to you during your journey to a new career in IT. Are you ready to meet Jeff and take the first step in your IT career? Contact us and we’ll help you get started!