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December 7 06:20 AM

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Featured Networking Student for December 2020

Featured Networking Student for December 2020

December 10, 2020 in Featured Students / by Ashlee Haynes

Daniel Deberdt

Daniel Deberdt Featured Student


My name is Daniel Deberdt, I am an Army veteran that served as a medic for the past decade. I have travelled all over the world during my time in the Army, but finally decided to settle in the KC area. I’ve been here for a while now and so far, I have enjoyed my time here. I have an Associates Degree in Health Sciences, as well as many certifications including Instructing for Basic Life Support.  


Q: Why did you decide to come to Centriq?
A: Following the Army, I decided to come to Centriq because I wanted to have a career in information technology.  I have always had an interest in computers and technology in general but wasn’t really sure where to get started. So, I came to Centriq and so far, I have learned a lot and am starting to feel more comfortable about my future in IT.

Q: What class has been your favorite so far?
A: My favorite class so far has been the Windows Server class. We are being able to take everything we have learned so far and start applying it in a practical setting. The instructors are great and are always there to answer questions. I also enjoyed PowerShell and seeing what a powerful tool it can be, but I can confidently say I still have a lot of work to do with it.

Q: What do you hope to do after Centriq?
A: Once I complete Centriq, I hope to be able to get a job where I will be able to utilize everything I learned and face challenges to learn more and grow. Once I get some work experience, I hope to be able to move up as well as continue to gain additional certifications and continue to learn.

Q: What other hobbies and interests do you have?
A: In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, gaming and just learning new things in general. Between my dogs, wife, and daughter, family time is what matters most to me. In regards to cooking, I really enjoy BBQ’ing, and coming up with new recipes, including a homemade smokey BBQ sauce.