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September 25 04:16 PM

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Featured Networking Student for August 2018

Featured Networking Student for August 2018

August 10, 2018 in Featured Students / by Elizabeth Granada


Carlos Padilla Centriq Featured Networking Student


Since childhood, I’ve had a penchant for technology, which resulted in taking every computer class in high school from keyboarding and multimedia design to introductory programming and web design. I joined the US Navy after high school as an IT where I did two deployments to the Middle East, administrating the ships’ networks. I also worked as an IT Assistant for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. At this point, I’m pretty sure I dream of electric sheep!


Q: Why did you decide to come to Centriq?
A: A friend and his wife both came through Centriq years ago, so I’d seen the success of the school firsthand. However, it was watching my best friend’s fiancé spend the last two years of her life as a full-time college student that inspired me to enroll in Centriq; if she could give up that much time of her life for her future then I could surely do four months to get the necessary certifications and also take advantage of Centriq’s close relationship with so many local employers.

Q: What class has been your favorite so far?
A: A+ has been my favorite so far. Going back to the basics reminded me of what made me so passionate about technology as a child.

Q: What do you hope to do after Centriq?
A: Honestly I’d like to come back to Centriq one day as an instructor, imparting my experiences and knowledge onto others so that they take the same interest in information technology.

Q: What other hobbies and interests do you have?
A: I drive a highly customized 2012 Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline; where I spend my free time with the local Kansas City Challenger Club where I do cruises and car shows to raise awareness for various causes such as Purple Peace Foundation or charity events to help donate money to those in need.