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September 25 04:30 PM

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Featured Full Stack Web Developer Student for January 2018

Featured Full Stack Web Developer Student for January 2018

January 2, 2018 in Featured Students / by Centriq Training

Steven Wakefield


My name is Stephen Wakefield and I am a Software Developer. While being an office manager for three years, I was mentored by a Senior Developer in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. I applied what I learned by building a resource site for the company I was working for, as well as a personal portfolio site (StephenWakefield.com). I found that I have a great passion for problem solving and tinkering with code. I get satisfaction from creating code that works and turning it into more efficient code. I believe that with dedication and creativity anything is possible.


Q: Why did you decide to come to Centriq?
A: Toward the end of my programming apprenticeship, I decided I was ready to find a job as a Developer. As I looked at job postings online, I noticed that employers wanted skills that I did not possess. I decided to go to Centriq to match the skillset employers were looking for: C#, SQL, and MVC. I knew that Centriq could help me network and job search more effectively.

Q: What class has been your favorite so far?
A: Coming from a background in PHP and JavaScript, I really appreciated learning C#. I was amazed at the similarities between the languages. I really enjoyed making an ATM Console Application in C# because I had made a similar project in JavaScript. I love the logic behind C# and how it all fits together in such an organized way.

Q: What do you hope to do after Centriq?
A: My goal is to apply what I have learned and to keep learning new aspects of Development. I would love to work at a company where I can solve problems and improve application efficiency. I am exited to have an occupation that is my passion.

Q: What other hobbies and interests do you have?
A: My hobbies include: Coding, guitar, table tennis, sports and movies. I really enjoy sharing ideas with other Developers and learning how they solve problems. I love creating games in C#, JavaScript and PHP.