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December 6 08:01 PM

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Featured Employer – UGA Finance

Featured Employer – UGA Finance

August 29, 2017 in Featured Employers / by Alex Carnahan


Centriq’s IT Career Program grads work for some really great companies. We asked Jason Enneking, IT Director at UGA Finance, to tell us about his company and why they hire Centriq grads.

  1. Give us an “elevator pitch” about UGA Finance.

UGA Finance enables Business Owners to create Payment Options for their customers. Our web application (uPortal360) is built to create Loans or Subscription plans for consumers. Our Loan Origination Platform will credit underwrite consumers and present loan options customized to meet our clients’ needs. We can originate Loans in 5 minutes on uPortal360. Also, as a Finance company, we can offer options for business owners to sell those loans for immediate cash flow or we will service the loans, send statements, collect payments and deposit the cash into our clients’ bank accounts.

2. How many people are in the UGA IT department?

1 – IT Security Administrator
1 – PC Tech
3 – Developers
3 – System Engineers/Administrators

3. Tell us something cool or impressive about your UGA and its IT staff?

We run our web application on Java Spring Boot and it’s hosted on AWS using Docker for container deployments. We also leverage Salesforce.com as our database and for our Sales/CRM system. These platforms are very popular and heavily used. We are also PCI DSS compliant. Working at UGA Finance in IT requires individuals to “wear a lot of hats” and this helps our employees gain very valuable experience.

4. How many Centriq grads have you hired?

We’ve hired over 15 Centriq grads in the past 8 years – both Developers and Networking Admins.

5. What technologies will our Centriq grad have an opportunity to work with at UGA?

Java, JavaScript, Salesforce, APEX and VisualForce on the Development side.
Network Security Software, Firewalls, Switches, PCs, Printers, etc on Hardware/Network Side.

6. What do you like most about Centriq grads?

They have a good base of knowledge and have been asked to get a lot of work done in a small amount of time. Centriq recruits students of all types. You are not just selecting from candidates looking for their first jobs. Many candidates have a lot of previous business experience and are looking to add Tech Skills. I like to staff my team with people that can do more than just the Tech Skills and I’ve had success finding those people through Centriq.

Also, because of how Centriq has many tracks of students going at one time, there always seems to be a new set of graduates or recent graduates looking to enter the job market. When looking to hire from traditional schools, you typically can only Hire in May and December. My job openings do not always line up with those two months.

7. What is your favorite or most frequent way to hire Centriq grads?

Centriq’s exclusive Career Fairs are nice for PC Techs. Pretty straight forward skill set and you get a lot of information when meeting candidates in person. This is significantly better than just going through a resume.

I like to attend the Developer Presentations. I learn a lot about candidates based on how they present and how well their project works.

I’ve attended events at other Schools and Universities. For what it’s worth, they would be better off if they outsourced their Career Services to Centriq. The candidates at Centriq are prepared, resumes ready and dressed well. That is no accident; that’s coaching and it shows.


To learn more about how you can train for a new IT career at a great company like UGA Finance, go to www.https://centriq.com/career/ or call Centriq’s Sr. Education Consultant Russ Mondry at 913-322-7044 or go here to contact Russ online.

To learn more about UGA Finance, go to ugafinance.com.

To learn more about hiring Centriq grads, go to www.https://centriq.com/hire-it/.