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December 10 03:01 AM

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Featured Employer – RESULTS Technology

Featured Employer – RESULTS Technology

August 12, 2020 in Featured Employers / by Alex Carnahan

Results Technology

Centriq’s IT Career Program grads work for some really great companies. We asked Darla Liebl, Director of Marketing at RESULTS Technology, to tell us about her company and why they hire Centriq grads.

  1. How would you describe your company?

Our in-house support staff, headquartered in Kansas City with a regional office in St. Louis, provides full IT maintenance services and support ranging from desktop support, business continuity, disaster recovery, remote and on-site support, proactive network monitoring and ongoing maintenance services to small and medium-sized business across the Midwest

  1. How big is your IT staff? What do they do?

Our IT staff consists of 10 professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to clients. We have all levels of expertise who work in a collaborative, mentoring and fun atmosphere.

  1. Tell us something impressive/unique about your company or your IT department.

In our commitment to putting people first and technology second, we deliberately hire, develop, and advance people who share our core values: integrity, communication, teamwork, respect, improvement, get it right the first time, manage expectations and most importantly…fun!

  1. How many Centriq grads has your company hired?

Centriq is literally the first place we go to when a position becomes available. Currently, half of our staff are Centriq grads.

  1. What do Centriq grads work on at your company?

Some of the IT staff’s responsibilities include: networking, customer service/retention, server administration, on-site visits. Microsoft Office applications, hardware\software troubleshooting and repair, computer builds.

  1. What sets Centriq grads apart from other candidates?

Centriq grads are usually adequately trained and ready to fly solo from day one! They also tend to advance faster and farther than others who were not Centriq grads.